What Are Drip Tips and How Do They Elevate Your Vaping Experience with Vapor Boss?

Electric vapes are classy to use and aren’t even harmful to the environment. While doing smoke from electric vapes, it’s very important to take care of the elements in your vape device for getting a pleasureful experience.
Vape Drip Tips

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How trendy does Drip Tipslink look, right? Just keep your electric vape in the pocket or bag, and you can enjoy it whenever / wherever you want to smoke. Electric vapes are classy to use and aren’t even harmful to the environment. While doing smoke from electric vapes, it’s very important to take care of the elements in your vape device for getting a pleasureful experience.

In this blog, we will give information about a very important element in vape devices called” this amazing mouthpiece.”

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

What is a Drip Tip?

This one is also known as the Mouthpiece, is a hollow tube that is generally used on top of an electric vape atomizer, allowing the vaper to drip the e-liquid onto it and also for a much more vapor experience. The material used while manufacturing and the length of it influence the temperature of the vapors produced by electric vape. This literally comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Dripping is used for pouring e-liquid directly onto the e-liquid atomizer rather than using cartomizers. Another use of this tip is to prevent the leakage of e-liquid from the electric vape.

How to use Drip Trip on electric vape?

There are not any hard and fast tricks to using this mouthpiece on your electric vape. All you need to do is make your device size and put a little pressure to fix it on the top.

  • Just place this thing over the atomizer.
  • Drip trip creates a direct channel from your mouthpiece to the cotton wicks in a coil.
  • Ensure your coil is saturated while dripping a small e-liquid into the opening. 
  • It’s important to ensure the amount of e-liquid in the electric vape; too little e-liquid can burn the wick, and too much leads to messy overflow.
  • Coils quality can also affect your vaping experience; designed coils can impact the number of times they drip, the amount of liquid, and the rate of saturation.
  • After one or two uses, it would be easy for you to have it on the atomizer and figure out the right balance of e-liquid for a great experience.

Advantages of using it on Electric Vape

  • These are very cheap in price but great in quality 
  • It is easy to use; all you need to do is fix the atomizer’s current coil.
  • It can change your vapor experience. 
  • It also really improves the flavor of e-liquid and creates some serious vapors.
  • The best part of the vape is you can switch between flavors.
  • It should be changed usually because they work on the atomizer’s current coil. 

What is the difference between Drip Tip 510 & 810?

The main difference between these Drip tips 510 & 810link is their sizes. The tip 510 is 8.5mm in diameter; on the other hand, 810 is 12.5mm in diameterAfter the development of sub-ohm atomizers, 810 is standard to make good cloud-making devices. 810 ones have wide bore openings, which generally improve airflow and produce cloud vapors. While using the 810 vape, just make sure of heat resistance because higher-wattage vapers produce more heat and clouds. The 510 one is the one which has a small-bore opening, which generally produces the best flavor of electric vape.

Different Materials You Would Have in it 

Finally, these are made out of different materials to explore new experiences in vaping.

  • Delrin: The most popular material that has been made is Delrin. It's plastic, whose real name is thermoplastic polyoxymethylene (POM). 
  • Teflon: Teflon is softer than other plastic materials, provides a nice mouthfeel, and is highly resistant to heat.
  • Epoxy Resin: Epoxy Resin is extremely colorful, with a great variety of designs and colors. 
  • Glass: These are not fully made from glass material; only the top is made of glass, and the bottom is made of stainless steel.  
  • Wood/ Stabilized wood: This is the same as a glass one; only the top is made of wood, and the bottom is made from stainless steel.
  • Stone: it has also been made from stone material providing a cool mouthfeel, especially on your lips. 
  • Stainless steel: There is no good feedback about the stainless steel one; it does not have high heat resistance and does not protect your lips.
  • Ultem: This only comes in yellowish and brownish colors and is fit for mouth-to-mouth devices.

Final Thought

Hope the above-mentioned details can help you with buying your device. These are easy to clean. Food materials, dust, and e-liquid anything could touch that mouthpiece. All you need to clean with warm water and a dry cloth. Vapor Boss offers it in different designs, and both 510/810 Vape drip tipslink are variable on their site with all required information related to their products, but still, if you have some kind of queries, you can mail them. What are you waiting for? Order now and experience your vapors with Vapor Boss. Share your feedback with us; we will appreciate it.

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