What All You Should Know About HorizonTech Falcon Coils?

The Horizon Falcon Vape Coils combines the greatest features of both worlds to provide consistently great, well-rounded vaping experiences by optimizing both taste and vapor output.
HorizonTech Falcon Coils

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or are still relatively new to the world of vaping, chances are good that you've discovered how quickly new products are introduced in the vape business. It may be difficult to keep up with the always-changing choices available when there are so many excellent vape companies and goods to choose from.

Fortunately, this article is pleased to keep you informed. As such, we're diving into HorizonTech, one of the most popular vaporizer manufacturers out there, and sharing with you all of the information we have on their eagerly awaited Falcon product line, which includes HorizonTech Falcon Coils link .

Horizon Falcon Substitute Vape Coils

As one of the top producers of high-end vape coils in the business, Horizon is well-known and should be kept an eye on when it comes to new coil designs. Consistent with the sophisticated specifications of the Horizon Falcon series tanks.

These Falcon Replacement Vape Coils provide a very pleasurable vaping experience suitable for a wide range of vaping preferences. Regardless of your preferred vaping method, a Falcon coil design will probably work well for you.

The Horizon Falcon Vape Coils combines the greatest features of both worlds to provide consistently great, well-rounded vaping experiences by optimizing both taste and vapor output. This particular bundle comes with three replaceable coils in eight distinct types, so there are a lot of alternatives! Not only do Horizon Falcon Coils have excellent construction and high-quality materials, but they are also reasonably priced, so you can conveniently stock up without going over your budget.

When buying Horizon Falcon Vape Coils, you have the following coil alternatives to choose from:

  • F1 0.2 ohm Coil (rated for 80 watts): 70% cotton and 30% wood pulp
  • F2 0.2 ohm Coil: 80 Watt Rated Natural Flax Fiber
  • F3 0.2 ohm Coil (70 Watt Rated): Flax Paper & Fiber
  • 30% Wood Fiber + 70% Cotton M1 0.15 ohm Coil (Rated for 70 Watt)
  • 30% Wood Fiber + 70% Cotton M2 0.16 ohm Coil (Rated for 70W to 80W)
  • M-Triple Mesh Coil, 0.15 ohm (95w Recommended)

What's Inside the Box of HorizonTech Falcon 2 Replacement Coils? 

The Falcon II is packed in a two-part plastic six-sided tube rather than the typical boxy container. The upper half prominently displays the Falcon II, while the bottom half houses the extra coil and O-rings. Thankfully, a 5.5ml bubble glass was included in addition to the 2ml provided tank. 

The bundled coils are the new Sector mesh coils, a cotton/wood fiber conical mesh that adheres to the current push-fit installation trend. These seem to be exactly the same as the NexMESH coils at first glance, however due to a small diameter difference, neither coil can be used in the other's tank. This is unfortunate since there is presently only one coil that can be used.

One of the most attractive Subohm tanks available is the tank itself. Its highly polished exterior is completed with a resin 810 dripping tip that matches the coil cage's color. The catch cup's O-ring allows you to replace the tip with a suitable favorite.

Three "cyclops"-style inlets allow air to pass through, and the adjustment ring operates smoothly. A sliding top cap that seems reassuringly tight to prevent popping up in a bag or pocket is used for filling. Where to push to slide the top is indicated by a white arrow. Opening it up reveals a very big fill port that fits all nibbed bottles save for the largest ones. However, larger bottles do cause the drip tip to obstruct the fill port.

Features to Know 

  • Sub-ohm coils from HorizonTech
  • Resistance of 0.14 Ohm
  • Mesh coil constructions
  • optimal performance at 75W
  • Suitable with e-liquids with high VG

Because of their greater surface area, mesh coil builds, like the ones used in the Sector coils, have the advantage of being able to heat more e-liquid more quickly. An increase in surface area means that the flavor of your e-liquids will be enhanced. This coil's fan-woven design highlights vapor flow, so you'll produce more vapor as a result.

The 0.14 Ohm resistance of the Falcon II Sector coils allows for up to 75W of operation. In order to fully use these coils, you will want an apparatus capable of producing an output of at least 75W.  


To be honest, Falcon 2 is one of the more peculiar releases since it isn't necessarily superior to its predecessor—rather, it is superior in a different manner. Given that the tank's composition has changed significantly, the Falcon 2 may have performed better under a new moniker. 

With improved coil options, an easier-to-use interface, and a much richer, more flavorful vape, the Falcon 2 is undoubtedly among the greatest devices available right now. Horizontech's supremacy endures, demonstrating that even the greatest can be enhanced. Is buying it worthwhile? 

Yes, if you are currently using anything other than a Falcon. If you want the greatest flavor from your E-liquid, the Falcon 2 one-ups pretty much every other tank on the market right now. In contrast, the original & king already have amazing flavor and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

This brief HorizonTech Falcon Coils Review link has covered all the major aspects that a user should know. Let's read some commonly asked questions that you should know!

1. What distinguishes the Falcon coils M1 from M2?

Replacement coils for the Falcon M1 and M2, designed especially for the Falcon Tank. These two coils have different resistances and operate between 70 and 80 W. The difference between M1 and M2 is 0.15 ohm (30% wood fiber / 70% cotton) and 0.16 ohm (30% wood fiber / 70% cotton).

2. What is the lifespan of Falcon coils?

These Falcon 2 coils should typically last you one to one and a half weeks, depending on how much you use and what kind of liquid you're using. Higher wattage and low resistance coils often don't last as long as higher wattage coils.

3. What materials make up Falcon coils?

Three (3) replacement vaporizers with vertically arranged coils or mesh, using either organic cotton with wooden pulp or flax paper & flax fiber liquid-guiding system, are included with each pack of coils.

4. What is the Wattage of HorizonTech Falcon 2 Coils?

With a wattage output range of up to 70–75w, the new 0.14-ohm sector mesh coil in the Horizon Falcon 2 coil is constructed of cotton and wood pulp.

5. What materials make up Falcon 2 coils?

Falcon 2 sector mesh coils feature wicking materials made of cotton and wood pulp that can wick even the thickest high-VG e-liquids and provide the vape coil with ample e-liquid.

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