Wake Up & Smell the Vape with Hyde Rebel Recharge

Wake Up & Smell the Vape with Hyde Rebel Recharge

Hyde Rebel Recharge Vape is not your average vape. Charge it up for long commutes and day-long projects with its high capacity battery and Gorilla Glass to keep the sleek device looking fresh despite inevitable wear and tear. This baby can stay going, ready for action from morning 'til night. This vape pen features a powerful, 600mAh battery and sleek design. With over 4500 puffs to go and a 10ml refillable tank, this vape pen is perfect for the rebel that needs high performance wherever they roam!


Hyde Rebel Recharge Flavours

  • Strawberry and Cream:  After vaping this, you'll wonder how life is possible without one of these by your side every day. The strawberry tastes so real that it's as if you're stealing a bite from the mouth of an original wild strawberry and there are plenty of cream flavours to give your taste buds something new each time you dare to try this vape flavour. You'll find no better excuse for self-indulgence than today with Strawberry and Cream.
  • Raspberry Watermelon: Ah, the refreshing taste of summer's favourite fruit! The combo of raspberry and watermelon makes for this popular vape flavour. Smell fruity-toothy goodness with a burst of sweetness that will make your mouth water! This new irresistible sensory experience is guaranteed to tantalize any sweet tooth. So light up something delicious today and be happy knowing that you're keeping America on its toes.
  • Strawberry Banana: Expand your palate with banana and strawberry! A simple idea for a complex taste. Let yourself go because you deserve it. Although tasty enough for beginners who are just getting started vaping our fruity favourites, this product is perfect if starting with dessert flavours isn’t your thing. It's still sweet and smooth, but not too overwhelming.
  • Peach Mango Watermelon: Create your own fruit flavour adventure with a vibrant, fruity mix of sweet tropical peaches and mangoes. While you're at it, you might as well also throw in some watermelon for a juicy nostalgic reminder of yesteryear. Some say that this vape is an expert-level taster's dream come true - from the real milk taste to the frothy crown of whipped cream atop the uniquely great flavours
  • Lemon Crumble: Made with a delicate blend of sweet and tart berries complimenting freshly squeezed lemons the mood is changed from stale ickiness to light sweetness and lots of smiles.

 Needless to say, It’s Delicious!

 So you like to roll one up before heading out for the night. You tuck your mod and torch in your jacket pocket, only to get your hands all sticky from that last cherry slushie on the way out. Whoops! The Hyde Rebel Recharge is here to help – this vape comes with a corrosion-free 600mAh battery that will not let you down after juice gets spilt on it. It also has an auto draw-activated firing mechanism, so no need for manual pressing or activation (although our pro tip: try using both when you’re going fast). Lastly, this vape uses a top of the line 5% nicotine solution, because everything's better with less nic…right?

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