Voopoo Argus Air Reviews: Is It Worth the Hype?

Voopoo Argus Air Reviews

Are you trying to improve your performance using a better vaping device? Or are you trying to find something exceptional to add to your inventory of vapes? 

There is nothing better than Voopoo, a 15-year-old company that is renowned for establishing trends in the vaping business. Voopoo is a one-man band that handles all aspects of the company's operations, marketing, sales, and services. It has offered its products in about 200 nations in just 10 years and has built a solid reputation. Each Voopoo product has the potential to elevate your vaping to a whole new level, however, when it comes to demand, the Voopoo Argus Air link has gained more notoriety and is loved by vapers. 

To help you choose more wisely, this blog article will provide a quick overview of this product. 

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

What Is Voopoo Argus Air?

Due to its cutting-edge features and high-tech vaping products, Voopoo is one of the top brands in the vaping market. It has introduced a number of product lines, including the Drag, Argus, Vinci, V Series, PNP Platform, and Trp Series. Each Voopoo gadget is uniquely designed using cutting-edge technology to improve your vaping experience. 

The Voopoo Argus Air Pod link belongs to the Argus series, an all-in-one pod device that includes all the necessary components, including pods, changeable coils, and PNP coils. A second pod without a changeable coil is also included. 

So let's examine the specifics in depth. 


  • The packaging is extremely nice; all the pieces are securely packed, and the outside of the box describes the dual airflow system and how each item is used. Along with the gadget itself, the packaging contains a user manual that will walk you through using it and a USB cord so you can charge it anytime you choose. 


  • This little pod is not only robust in general, but it also has a robust appearance. Metal and leather are used in the construction of the Argus Air pod. The rest of the piece is covered in premium leather, with the frame being composed of zinc alloy. "VOOPOO" and "ARGUS" are also scrawled over it. 

    Numerous color variations are available, including red and black, desert camouflage, snow land camouflage, classic black, vintage grey, carbon fiber, and vintage brown. Each of them has a chic and sophisticated appearance. 


  • This gadget is portable, lightweight, and easily fits in the palm. It has a built-in 900 mAh battery, a normal pod with changeable coils, and a pod cartridge that doesn't take replaceable coils. Although the juice capacity of both regular and pod cartridges is 3.8ml, they differ in support coil and airflow choices. The recommended nicotine concentration for pod cartridges is less than 50 mg and less than 35 mg for regular cartridges. 

    The 7 safety features that are included with the Voopoo Argus Air Pod Device link as follows: 

    • Overtime Protection
    • Short-circuit Protection
    • Overcharge Protection 
    • Max Power Protection
    • Output over-current Protection 
    • Over-Discharge Protection
    • Over-Temperature Protection 

    On the bottom, there is a USB connector that may be used to recharge it using the kit's included cable. has an inside GENE.AI chip that will shrewdly replenish the power. The fire button on it doubles as the mode button. Additionally, the cartridges include small, strong magnets that improve the device's sanitary properties and make usage even more convenient. 

    Depending on how you spin your pod, whether you like a tighter draw or a loose one, and the flavor you to have, the Argus Air also has a dual airflow control system with dual airflow settings. While one pod works with MTL coils that are 0.8 ohms and have two separate sides, the second pod is compatible with PNP coils that are 0.6 ohms or higher. 


  • After adding your preferred juice to the port, switch it on with 5 clicks. The screen may show the following 5 items: battery level, wattage, auto mode, puff count, and own load. 

    The choice to auto-draw or press a button will then appear. When you press the button three times, the wattage will blink and you may scroll from a maximum of 25 watts down to barely five watts (the power is changeable based on personal preferences and needs). On the screen, there are 4 options: Lock, Power Off, Puff Clear, and Exit. Long pressing on the lock will prevent you from firing it with the button but won't affect the auto draw. It essentially merely disables the button, and the screen will display a little lock. Voopoo Argus has a really attractive and functional UI.  

    Why Choose Voopoo Argus Air?

    An effective design that is both strong and lightweight to meet your vaping demands. The Voopoo Argus Air has 7 safety safeguards, and innovative functions, including a 900 mAh battery and 3.8 ml cartridge capacity. It is a portable gadget with a vintage appearance since it is made of superior leather and zinc alloy. 

    The gadget comes in a variety of colors, including red and black, vintage grey and brown, carbon fiber, traditional black, winter land, and desert camouflage. With a button activation mechanism that directs you with the power, the resistance ranges from 0.6 ohms to 0.3 ohms. You may easily access the 0.54-inch OLED screen and take action in accordance with your needs. Additionally, it is leak-resistant, which adds to its originality. 

    Voopoo Argus Air link caught our attention among the thousands of pod gadgets now on the market, so we decided to give it a try and see whether it was worthwhile to spend money on. All vape enthusiasts have voted for this kit because of its improved performance and sophisticated but user-friendly settings. It is strong, portable, convenient for travel, and simple to use. What do you decide then? Let us know what you think and if there is anything we missed. For additional reviews and advice on various goods relating to the vaping business, keep reading. Enjoy your clouds till then. 

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