Your Happy To Go Guide About MR Fog Max Pro Disposable!

June 08, 2022

Your Happy To Go Guide About MR Fog Max Pro Disposable!

It is no disguise that Disposable Vapes/Pens are now creating havoc in the smoking industry. Earlier, cigarettes were the only source of gaining the absolute pleasure of Nicotine Salts but now Disposable Vapes are here to take the charge. Many conventional smokers are now also not willing to give up on traditional cigarettes. However, they have to understand that cigarettes possess a lot of threats to the precious lives of humans. And, not only for them, but passive smoking is also bad for others’ health.

To erase the adversities of conventional cigarettes, many brands across the globe are now coming up with disposable vapes or pens. Nevertheless, you also must understand that not every vape from any brand can be equally good and potent for you. Always look for a vaping device that is power-packed with great features, specifications, and delicious flavors. You know what? We are here to make you witness one of such amazing disposable vapes- MR Fog Max Pro. To those who are still in the dark, this device will for sure impart some sort of light in your life. 

MR Fog Max Pro Disposable- The Description!

Talking about the device, MR Fog Max Pro is a unique and amazing vaping wonder in itself. The device comes with an automatic draw-activated mechanism and has more space for vaping as it boasts 5% of tobacco-free Nicotine that imparts users with long-lasting vaping ranges from 1900-to 2000 puffs. It stands still to the demand of people in the market, as it has the capacity of holding 7ml of e-liquid juice in itself. Additionally, it features a bottom adjustable airflow control ring. Bringing into the limelight its integrated battery, it has an 1100 mAh non-rechargeable battery. Keeping the comfort and convenience of people in their mind, the brand has put forward this device that doesn’t require any kind of refilling and recharging. With this device, all you have to do is take out the device and start experiencing the great taste of e-liquids with every puff. 

If you are still not convinced, you perhaps might get cheerful by its broad range of mouth-watering flavors. It presents approximately 8 great flavors that give a pleasurable taste to your craving taste buds. You haven't tried yet? It's time to upgrade to the Mr fog Max Pro vape, the greatest vape disposable on the market. Mr fog Max Pro is disposable at the lowest price online! Be a pro, vape like a pro!

MR Fog Max Pro Disposable- The Features & Specifications!

This device is a compilation of some exceptional features, you need to check them out! 

  1. Availability in a single pack.
  2. 5% Nicotine salt.
  3. 7 ml e-liquid by volume.
  4. Adjustable airflow.
  5. Approximately delivers 1900-2000 puffs per device.
  6. Draw-activated firing mechanism.
  7. Integrated 1100 mAh battery.
  8. Doesn’t require any recharging or refilling. 

These are some of the key features of MR Fog Max Pro that make it a go-to vaping device for every smoking and vaping fan out there. 

Let us now move on to highlighting its savory flavors of it. Walk with us!

What Are The Flavors Present In The MR Fog Max Pro Disposable?

Not every flavor but we shall see the best ones here. Be wise and pick the best for yourself. 

Strawberry Guava- It is a unique flavor that combines the flavors of real strawberries and guava. Sure to fill your lungs with delectable flavor.

Raspberry Peach: Peaches and raspberries are a flavor combination that everyone enjoys. A flavor that your taste buds can't get enough of.

Raspberry Strawberry- It is an enthralling blend that combines raspberries and strawberries in a delectable fusion. Try it today!


Having discussed all the points, you must have fallen in love with the MR Fog Max Pro disposable vape. Try it once and we are sure you will end up recommending it to your loved ones as well! 

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