Vapor- NKD 100 Max- Bringing a Revolution In the Vaping Industry!

Vapor- NKD 100 Max- Bringing a Revolution In the Vaping Industry!

Every day and other, there are the newest additions in the vaping industry. If you are a fan of vaping or have been an experienced vaper, you would know that not every product justifies your vaping cravings. Before integrating a vaping product into your life, you have to first look at its specifications, features, and different flavors. Once you are satisfied with them all, you can make your decision about choosing that particular vape for the rest of your life.


In today’s article, we are going to highlight a disposable vape that carries the potential to leave your taste buds with an extremism of joy and pleasure. Here, we are putting into the limelight the NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape. This is an exemplary vaping device that possesses exactly what a vaping lover would want; robust features, powerful specifications, mouth-watering flavors, and whatnot! Simply put, once you start using the NKD 100 Max disposable, you will love and cherish it for life. 

Let us not make you wait any longer and directly jump on reading more about the NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape. 

NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape- The Introduction!

It is quite unknown that Naked 100 has extended its arms out of its conventional routes and has manufactured a line devoted to a Direct Lung vaping device and salt nic vapers known as NKD 100 Salt Nic. NKD 100 Salt is a premium vape juice series that co-exists within the boundaries of the Naked 100 Brand. The brand features a variety of flavors in the wholesome collection and various types of vape juice, including freebase, salt nicotine, and now tobacco-free nicotine with the emergence of NKD 100 Salt Max. The brand keeps its customer preferences in their mind and has then put forward a vast range of delicious e-liquid juices. 

Additionally, Naked 100 Max is manufactured in California, USA. Talking about the device, the NKD 100 Max boasts a high Nicotine level, salt nicotine is meant to be utilized with pod systems/low wattage devices. With the release of such a unique vape, you can also win on some delectable delicacies without sacrificing taste. You can enjoy the pleasure of tastes such as Brain Freeze, Polar Breeze, and Lava flow. The e-liquid capacity stands at 30 ml and it has the potential to last 2x longer than your usual and standard e-liquid. Isn’t that great? All the NKD salt is available in 35 mg and 50 mg nicotine strengths. 35 mg can be used for a lower dose of nicotine and a higher high of nicotine, you can rely on 50 mg. However, irrespective of the nicotine strengths, the vape is so good that you are going to be the most loyal customer of the Naked brand. 

What Are The Flavors Present In The NKD 100 Max Vape? 

There are some scrumptious flavors present in the NKD 100 Max vape. But, we are only going to mention a few. Have a look:

  • Apple Iced- Enjoy a delectable blend of sweet, freshly picked apples with a hint of cooling menthol to enliven your senses. With every puff, this flavor explodes with icy menthol and juicy crisp apple flavors, sending a blizzard of fruity flavors your way.

  • Berries Iced- For a burst of chilling fruity sensations, try a sumptuous blend of succulent mixed berries bathed in chilly menthol. Every puff bursts with a smooth blend of scrumptious mixed berries accented by a touch of menthol; ideal for uplifting the senses.

  • Watermelon Iced- Sliced luscious watermelon coupled with chilling menthol creates one of the most refreshing flavor profiles in the Naked MAX collection. Each vape hit instantly revitalizes the user while also providing a light fruity menthol flavor.

  • Conclusion!

    We are pretty sure by now you are well aware of the fact that NKD 100 Max Disposable is a state-of-the-art vaping device that can stick your taste buds in the pool of scrumptious flavors. With that, you can have the pure experience of vaping with the integration of great features and ultramodern specifications. Once you try it, you will note the substantial differences between other traditional vapes and NKD 100 Max Disposable Vape.

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