Vaping With Air Bar Max v/s Smoking: A Comprehensive Safety Check

Vaping With Air Bar Max v/s Smoking: A Comprehensive Safety Check

These days vaping comes as a therapy for the chain smokers to help get them out of this health cataclysmic activity that involves substantial intake of tobacco which has been causing an increased death rate, so much so that around 16 million Americans are living with a disease that developed due to smoking.

As the vaping support system, many ENDS ( Electronic Nicotine Delivery System ) devices have been designed to make vaping more enticing! From cig-a-likes to vape pens and now to the pod mods like Puff Bars, Air Bar Max, Big Bar Duo, and vape mod tanks like Suorin Air Mod or Uwell Valyrian Coils; all with their unique features are formulated with a noble intention. Keep scrolling to know the difference between the two and a lot more facts associated with them… 

 Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

When you vape, you do not burn tobacco to feel the nicotine hit as is in the case of smoking but rather heat an aerosol (e-liquid ) to get the nicotine puffs. However, vaping is capable of delivering denser nicotine than cigarettes through the smokeless inhaled mist, also known as the vapor!

Did You Know? Annually, around 480,000 people in America die due to smoke-related diseases.

Is Vaping with Air Bar Max safer than Smoking?

Yes, if someone is a chain smoker, vaping is a healthier option as compared to smoking but it isn't entirely a healthy activity as nicotine in any form is addictive and if taken in extensive amounts, can cause health harm.

Other than nicotine are the other ingredients that comprise the vape juice to enhance the taste and are not healthy for body consumption. So, if you vape with the Air Bar Max within limits, then it is safer than a cigarette.

Why is vaping banned for Minors and pregnant ladies?

The colorful designs and mouth-watering flavors might sound cool and safe to teenagers but actually, the nicotine content can slow the brain's development in children and teenagers that are undergoing the growing phase. Similarly, it is harmful to the child who is in the fetus, and thus, vaping has not been legalized for women who have conceived.

The Role of WHO and FDA in promoting Vape units 

Despite the recent ban on many ENDS that were supposedly tempting the non-puffers to convert into puffers in the awe of their flashy flavors and stylish designs, WHO has promoted vaping with the thought of lessening the number of smokers so that a healthy environment can be created. But the case at present has reversed as people are indulging in vaping extensively and more than that, the school children have turned into vapers by leaps and bounds.

FDA regulates the manufacturing, ingredients list, and composition, the material used to design the vape unit, and also monitors the advertisements related to vaping so that the objective of WHO to promote vaping over smoking can be achieved.

Vaping is not a bad idea to satisfy your nicotine cravings but only if it’s wisely done!

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