Vape Using Nord Coils & Make The MosT Of Your Vaping Experience

Vape Using Nord Coils & Make The MosT Of Your Vaping Experience

Vaping devices, like batteries and mods, almost inevitably need regular replacement. However, the cost of these components can soon mount up. It is for this reason that many vapers choose to make their own coils or buy pre-made ones online. Pre-made ones are usually referred to as 'Nord Coils'. So what are Nord Coils?

Nord coils are a new type of coil that has been recognized by vapers as an effective way to vape. Nord Coils use organic cotton and offer a number of benefits over other types of coils. First and foremost, Nord Coils can be used in an RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer) or Sub-Ohm Tank without burning the cotton within minutes. It is necessary for any coil to heat up before it actually starts vaping, however, some require as much as 10 minutes to preheat before they become operational!

This is not the case with Nord Coils! Using temperature control technology, you can maintain optimal vaping temperatures for these coils down to 0.2 Ohms. As long as your mod supports temperature control, you can use Nord Coils in your Rda without problems!

Nord Coils are an excellent option for anyone new to rebuilding or who is unable to find pre-made coils that fit their needs. These coils can be built precisely to achieve the flavour, wicking and airflow that the user requires. Since there are no limits on how these coils are used, vapers of all experience levels can enjoy them. This is why more and more people are switching to using Nord Coils.

What is Organic Cotton?

Most people seem to think that organic cotton or Japanese cotton is pretty much the same thing, but nothing could be further from the truth. Organic cotton refers to a specific type of cotton plant grown specifically for its textile. This type of cotton is not treated with any pesticides or insecticides, making it an organic product. Organic cotton offers a number of benefits over regular cotton, including increased absorbency and longer-lasting flavour profiles. Japenese Cotton on the other hand is known for being extremely soft and durable. You'll often be able to vape your favourite juice twice as long using Japanese cotton!

Is Organic Cotton Better than Regular Cotton?

This is one of those questions that will always spark debate among vapers. Some people feel strongly that organic cotton provides better flavour, but doesn't last as long as regular cotton since you can only use it twice before having to switch it out. Most vapers agree though, they'd rather be able to use their cotton twice before having to switch out. Some people swear by organic cotton twills over regular cotton, while others feel they provide a better vaping experience when compared with regular cotton. It's all personal preference.

The Bottom Line

Nord coils are a specific type of vaping coil that is used in pod-based vape devices. Compared to its younger brother, the JUUL, Nord pods and associated devices have been around for much longer than other popular pod systems such as for example Smok Novo, Suorin Drop or Breeze. Smok Nord Coils are actually Freemax's prebuilt sub-ohm coils that perform on par with Smok's popular TFV8 Baby Beast Coils, not to mention you're getting 5 coils for the price of 2. With a 0.25 Ohm resistance, these are best used between 40w-80w since they have a smaller chimney design. 

They still outperform your average sub-ohm tanks by leaps and bounds with their better flavour production along with amazing wicking capabilities due to the larger wicking holes compared to other sub-ohm tanks which result in faster draining time of mass amounts of juice needed for cloud chasing.

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