Vape Pleasantly with MaxPod Replacement Coils

Vape Pleasantly with MaxPod Replacement Coils

MaxPod Replacement Coils

Every vaper desires a flawless vape time and for that, whether you use a pod mod or a vape tank, you have to have the device function in perfect order. If you are deploying the Free Max Pod 11W Pod System to enjoy the nicotine hits then the perfect vape coil match is none other than the Max Pod Replacement Coils. These coils are utilized with a free base or nic salt e-liquids and through this blog post, we will give you the reasoning as to why these are the wiser choice to select for a fairer vaping time!

1. Feature the PnP Coil Replacement System

These coils can match any vaping mood. Whether you feel like vaping light through MTL (Mouth To Lung) or need bigger draws through DL (Direct Lung) puffing, these coils are capable of adjusting accordingly. With this wider scope that they feature, you can switch to 'n' number of vaping experiments and make your nic hits interesting.

2. Flax Cotton and Organic Cotton

The unique and fantastic blend of Flax Cotton is 66.66% and Organic Cotton is 33.34% makes the wicking material super qualitative. This wick can hold the vape juice beautifully and the vapors come in an even, balanced and thickest way.

3. NS Mesh Coils are of 1 Ω and 1.5Ω

Get integrated and detailed notes of flavors with its 1 Ohm atomizer resistance that can go for 7 W and 1.5 Ohm Atomiser resistance that is suitable with 11 W. The flavor production with them is flawless and marvelous.

4. Suitable for any kind of VG/PG blend

Different vapers settle with different Vegetable Glycerine and Propyl Glycol blends. Some love to vape with a 70/30 proportion, respectively while few people prefer 50/50 blending. The MaxPod Replacement Coils go aptly with any king of VG/PG blend with zero obstruction in your cloud creations.

Free MaxPod Replacement Coils

5. Comes with an additional FM Salt Coil Tech 2.0

This feature pulls the Vaping beyond traditional by enabling a stable and strong performance right from the start till the end. This technology can be experienced in 200 puffs per filling where the lifespan of each coil stretches to more than 8 fillings!

6. Supports a to cease smoking

Believe it or not but these coils play a pivotal role in supporting smoking cease for those who are chain smokers. They can enjoy the same amount of throat hits with these replacement coils that leave no scope of interruptions in the puffing time. The above features account for this fact.


Max Pod Replacement Coils are superb for hardcore vaping fraternity and continuous smokers who plan to switch to a less hazardous means of enjoying the nicotine hits. It comes in 6 colors to give a vibrant vape feeling and can last you up to 2 weeks if you are a moderate king of vapers. Enjoy the compatibility with these vape replacement coils but do not forget to vape wisely!

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