Vape On Beginner-Friendly Hyppe Max Flow Duo Today

Vape On Beginner-Friendly Hyppe Max Flow Duo Today

Charged and ready to vape straight out of the box, Hyppe Max Flow Duo is a vaper’s choice pod that has a slim and discreet design with a premium finish. Sealed for freshness, it does not include any fuss of leakage, refilling and recharging. 

When transitioning from smoking to vaping, this Hyppe Max Flow Duo is just perfect to move on for the day. It allows you to switch between the flavours and taste the goodness of double flavours. With a 6ml pre-filled e-liquid tank and an impressive 1000mAh battery.

This pod provides up to 2500 tight hits, making it equivalent to smoking 90 cigarettes. It is the easiest disposable vape pen as all you need is to simply inhale and begin vaping. When empty, dispose of the device and replace it with a new one. 

Its latest technology provides the ultimate battery and maintains voltage output for enhanced safety when vaping. The pod is fireproof and each flavour of this vape provides a smooth throat hit with enhances flavour and discreet vapour production. So just slow down a bit and vape on this classic, simple and refreshing pod that has satisfaction like no other pod. 

Switch Between 20+ Exquisite Flavours

Get ready to taste the double-trouble flavours of this exclusive disposable vape. Here is what each flavour tastes like:

Kiwi Strawberry & Guava Strawberry 

Savour and celebrate every moment with a beautiful duo of kiwi strawberry and guava strawberry. One is tangy creamy, and tantalisingly addictive while the other is full of smoothness and sweetness. Both the flavours are too indulging and life is too short not to enjoy the good stuff. 

Aloe Orange & Aloe Grape

This all-new aloe vera line of e-liquids is sure to excite your taste buds and bring some joy to your atomizers. Aloe orange is flavoured with the subtle taste of aloe and tanginess of oranges while aloe grape has sweet undertones on the inhale, whilst the grape undertones on exhale, creating a lingering sensation. 

Aloe Lush Freeze & Aloe Grape

A unique combo of tropical summer fruits. The aloe lush freeze has an authentic floral taste which is combined with a splash of juicy watermelons. The aloe grape on the other side has a sweet and tangy taste, leaving the tastebuds spellbound with each puff. 

Lush Freeze & Peach Freeze

Juicy watermelons freeze and sweet peaches freeze are blended perfectly to make a unique taste. This flavour is for someone who wants some fresh, sugary and cool throat hits. Just a few puffs of lush freeze and peach freeze can refresh your day. 

Lychee Freeze & Lychee Guava

So delectable and stimulating that you will crave more and more. Lychee freeze has some impressive clouds combined with a strong, prominent and fresh flavour of lychees. Lychee Guava is a smooth blend of fresh lychees and yummy guavas that you can vape for long periods and still enjoy like a pro. 

Hawaiian Freeze & Cotton Candy Freeze

Hawaiian freeze has a wonderful exotic taste of oranges, and passion fruits that you just cannot get enough of. Another side of this Hyppe Max Flow Duo has a rich, sugary blend of cotton candy and ice to beat this scorching summer heat. 

Chewy Watermelon & Blue Gummy

The taste of sugary watermelon candy comes together so perfectly, create an enjoyable vaping experience. Blue gummy on the switch is perfectly balanced with the crispiness and tanginess of blueberry gummies. 

Hyppe Max Is Awesome!

Each flavour of hyppe max flow duo can turn your stress down and will indulge you in the best aroma and dense clouds. 10/10 for each flavour. Pick yours now and get started!

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