Vape Like A King With EscoBars Mega Disposable Vape

Vape Like A King With EscoBars Mega Disposable Vape

Mega ESCO Bars 5000 puffs For vapers looking for a high-quality and long-lasting vaping experience, disposable vapes are perfect. Each of these disposable vapes has a whooping 5000 puffs and is designed for simplicity and performance.

A high-capacity battery powers the ESCO BARS MEGA Disposable Vapes, providing a stable & long-lasting source of power for your vaping needs. You may enjoy for several days or weeks with 5000 puffs of each device without having to bother about charging it or replacing the battery.

These disposable vapes also stand out for their stylish and alluring design, which will draw the interest of anybody who sees them. The devices come in a variety of eye-catching hues and patterns that are sure to make a statement and help you leave an impact on others.

But, the ESCO BARS MEGA Disposable Vapes' greatest advantage is the variety of flavours they provide. With a wide selection of delectable flavours to choose from, including fruit, menthol, & dessert flavours, there is sure to be an option to suit every taste and preference.

The ESCO BARS MEGA 5000 puffs Portable Vapes are a great option for a high-quality and long-lasting vaping experience, to put it briefly. Because of their fantastic battery life, chic style, and mouth watering flavours, these disposable vapes are sure to be a hit with vapers everywhere. So why wait? Try them out right away to experience the ESCO BARS difference for yourself!

The brand-new MEGA Esco Bars from Pastel Cartel include a big 14ml juice reservoir and an integrated rechargeable 600mah battery. This is the Original Esco Bars' younger, bigger sister, and it has brand-new flavours. Each EscoBars Mega is manufactured in Texas with unique flavours not found among any other brand on the market, taking into account the complex American taste preferences. Until the very last puff, a mesh coil delivers outstanding flavour replication and thick vapour.

Disposable vaping has recently eclipsed other puffing methods. Escobar's Mega, like with many other well-known brands, is bringing in a considerable profit for the vaping industry. It looks like an elegant highlighter and performs superbly. With no spill issues, all that is needed are the vaper's inhales.

The best vape product to purchase for a better vaping experience is this one. It produces about 5000 puff counts consecutively. They are all the tastiest foods and have the best textures. It is incredibly simple to use and comfy to vape from the drip tip. We will go through the reasons the EscoBars Mega performs better than other vapes in this blog post.

#1. The e-liquid is expertly crafted.

Your vape juice must be especially delicious if you want to convince an addicted smoker to vape on nicotine-free tobacco products. Six different e-liquid variations are available for this vape device, and they are all made from different fruit juice mixes. These are all the foods that will satisfy every palette. These are all of the Mega-Flavors for EscoBars.

  • Blood Orange Tangerine 
  • Blueberry Raspberry Ice
  • Kiwi Guava
  • Peach Pineapple
  • Root Beer Float
  • Strawberry Watermelon

Whichever flavour you select, it'll offer you a satisfying blend of sweet and tangy flavours as well as a light chilly sensation during your whole inhalation and exhalation. Vegetable glycerine and propyl glycol are also included in the e-juice, which give your clouds a sweeter flavour and more texture. To meet your needs, the nicotine is added at 5% of the whole e-liquid concentration, or 14ml. As is customary, the nicotine is mixed in salt form. The massive flavour explosion of EscoBars Mega will swing your taste buds like never before. Try each one and let us know one you enjoyed most and why.

#2. Tiny Charging Port

EscoBars Mega was developed to make vaping for its users quick and straightforward. Battery weight must be as little as possible as a result. A 600mAh battery that is strong and secure powers Esco Bars. Because of its portability and small size, the device is ideal for travel and can be kept in a pocket. But because it also wants to provide users with a lot of puffs, a little USB connector has been provided at the bottom of the gadget so that users may charge it with any Type-C connection. You may refuel without worrying about using up all of your puffs!

#3. The features and aesthetics are excellent overall

The EscoBars Mega is an excellent method to enjoy the pleasure of vaping. The flavour and nicotine content contained within are denoted by the two vivid colours on the surface and a straightforward emblem. Depending on your preferences, these colours come in a variety. The highest grade of material was used. Your throat impact is made more intriguing and flavorful by the mesh coil structure. This vape is worthwhile to try because it offers 5000 puffs with 14 cc of vape juice, has a powerful 600mAh battery, and an error-free triggered firing mechanism. Make sure you purchase a genuine item. Buy from and verify the labels and QR codes for legitimacy to avoid frauds.

Wrapping It Up

EscoBars Mega is a vape that you must own. It offers you the most satisfying hits thanks to its beautiful design, incredible flavours, and superb ergonomics. That is a great method to quit smoking, and it is also satisfying for avid vapers who want ready-made cloud hits. The best feature is that no plans are necessary. A simple "puff to rubbish" path is particularly appealing to the vaping community.

Warning:  Nicotine is Addictive. Vape Wisely. Minors must strictly refrain.

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