Vape Drip Tips: An Essential Component For Vaping!

Vape Drip Tips: An Essential Component For Vaping!

Whether it's better settings, more sophisticated technology, or bigger screens, the vaping business is continually focusing on fresh and innovative improvements. But even the simplest designs have the power to significantly enhance your vaping experience. By adding a drip tip, sometimes referred to as a mouthpiece, any normal vape can be transformed into a dripping apparatus.

Understanding Vape Drip Tip!

The Drip Tip, a tiny, hollow mouthpiece, can be used as a substitute for cartridges and cartomizers, two commonly used vape parts. Without taking anything out, fill your tank with e-liquid using the tip. Although most high-quality drip tips are made of ceramic, Pyrex glass, or stainless steel, you can also get cheaper, lower-quality plastic components.

Despite their simple design, drip tips still call for some vaping experience, but less than dripping or squonking.

How To Use The Vape Drip Tips?

As a drip tip is a step down from standard dripping, using one is straightforward. Place the drip tip over your atomizer first to create a channel from the wick in the coil to the mouthpiece. Drip a little amount of your e-liquid into the mouthpiece's aperture once the coil is completely saturated. Insufficient juice could cause the wick to burn, damaging the coil and limiting flavor. 

If there is too much liquid that spills, a mess could be created. While dripping, it's important to completely understand the sort of coil you're using. Both the amount of liquid utilized and the speed at which the wick saturates are impacted by the different coil types and thicknesses. Although it could take some work to find the ideal balance, once you do, it will come effortlessly to you.

How Can You Take Care Of Them Perfectly?

Drip tips are incredibly simple to clean thanks to the diversity of materials that were utilized in their manufacturing. This has the benefit that keeping things clean is necessary for a great vaping experience. Drip tips are regularly in contact with the outside world, which makes it simple for them to get very dirty. The tip can become contaminated with a variety of substances, including saliva, skin, crumbs, e-liquid, and lint. All of this adheres to the drip tip during vaping and sinks into the e-liquid before returning to your mouth. Periodically, you should clean your drip tip. It can be wiped dry, cleaned in warm water, or just left outside to dry naturally.

Why Should You Clean Your Drip Tips Regularly?

The drip tip probably contains some bacteria in addition to the numerous ones in your mouth. Don't worry though, without these bacteria, our immune systems would frequently be exposed to infections that are spread by saliva and the air, making it harder to maintain good tooth health and fend off disease. Despite the fact that bacteria have the potential to damage us, our bodies use the helpful bacteria in our mouths as their first line of defense against illness. 

The drip tip effectively shields your mouth from the heat generated by the atomizer. It also prevents e-liquid from getting into your mouth. Nonetheless, it has the potential to harbor oral bacteria that are dispersed by saliva, just like any surface that individuals come into contact with.

The Importance Of Cleaning Vape Drip Tips!

While your vaporizer's vapor should, in theory, sterilize various components of your device each time you use it, condensation still collects in your drip tip when you aren't using it, creating the perfect environment for bacteria and mold. The effectiveness of PG and VG against germs and fungus is well established.

But, internal gunk will undoubtedly accumulate in your Drip Tips after repeated use. The worst culprits are bacterial stains from food, drinks, and saliva. If you tend to share, this is more likely to happen because if you give a friend a sample of your favorite Mix of the Week recipe without switching to a new one right once, there is a greater chance that foreign germs will enter your drip tip.

The Best Tips To Clean Your Vape Drip Tips!

  • After soaking your drip tips in hot water with soap for cleaning, you should let them air dry.
  • Isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip can be used to clean the drip tip's interior. We do not recommend immersing them in alcohol since this may cause them to dry out and break the seal (it can also crack and damage acrylic drip tips so for acrylic tips hot water and soap will do fine)
  • To completely clean the inside, insert a piece of twisted paper towel into the drip tip's aperture and slide the drip tip back and forth several times on the towel.
  • Moreover, it's a good idea to keep some antiseptic wipes available, especially if you let a friend vape for a short while.
  • Even better, carry a few extra drip tips so that others can make use of them.


We hope this guide would help you to take good care of your vape drip tips. All the best!

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