Vape Drip Tips: A Deep Dive Into Everything About Them

Wide-bore vape drip tips, or 810 drip tips, are significantly more popular since sub-ohm tanks can often handle greater power levels when used by vapers.
Vape Drip Tip

If the world of e-cigarettes has shown anything, manufacturers and the community are never limited in inventiveness and creativity. While some of the greatest innovations in the field center on brand-new, cutting-edge technology, one invention is as basic as they come. Despite their simple construction and use, Drip Tips can significantly enhance your vaping experience. 

Using these convenient accessories doesn't require the same level of expertise as dripping or squonking, but it requires some vaping familiarity. A drip tip might be the best option if you want to try basic dripping for some fun.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

A Vape Drip Tip: What Is It?

Vape Drip Tip are often just called "mouthpieces" since that is exactly what they are. But their work entails more than that. Adding a vape drip tip may transform Any regular vape into a temporary dripper. The tip fits over your atomizer and does the job of eliminating the need for a tank.

Good 510 drip tips are often composed of ceramic, Pyrex glass, or metal (stainless steel). Although they are made of plastic, lower-quality ones are best avoided at all costs. The material and design influence the whole experience. 

For example, long-stemmed stainless steel tips tend to chill the vapor. Shorter, less expensive ones, however, tend to heat up. This is particularly true if you use a potent device like a high-wattage sub-ohm vape or box mod. 

A vape tip is an excellent starting point for intermediate vapers to experiment with dripping without buying an intricate and expensive RDA. We have excellent news if you possess a vape pen that has a detachable mouthpiece. 

That part serves as a Drip Tip 510 as well. You'll need to spend some money on a mouthpiece that suits your vape if the mouthpiece on your tank is permanently attached.

How to Use A Drip Effectively?

Using a vaping tip is surprisingly simple, in contrast to traditional dripping. Simply position your atomizer over the tip. This makes a straight line in your coil from the mouthpiece to the cotton wick.

Next, carefully pour some e-liquid into the opening, ensuring the coil is well-saturated. This is maybe the hardest part of tips, if not the worst.

It becomes a guessing game to know how saturated the wick is since you can't see it. If you use too little e-juice, the wick may burn, resulting in a painful dry hit and a damaged coil. However, an excess of liquid results in a disorganized overflow.

It's also important to think about the coil you're utilizing. Coils might vary in thickness and design, even within the same brand and model. This affects the quantity of liquid required, the number of times you need to drip, and the pace at which saturation occurs. The good news is that if you persevere, you'll become proficient at striking the correct balance via trial and error, making it almost automatic.

Maintaining Your Vaping Tip

Vaping tips are surprisingly simple to clean since they're simply discrete bits of material. This is advantageous since cleaning them is crucial. Almost everything that comes into contact with the 810 Drip Tip leaves a little fragment of itself behind. Skin, food particles, extra e-liquid, dust, lint, and other things might theoretically come into contact with that tiny mouthpiece.

Cleaning should ideally become a regular practice. Simply run the item under warm water, pat dry with a towel, or leave it outside for a little while. A large amount of that muck may adhere to the tip if you like to put things off. Here, a quick rinse in warm water and a little isopropyl alcohol do wonders to break off that superfluous accumulation.

What Kinds of Vaping Tips Are There?

Since every vaping Drip Tip modification might change your vaping experience, let's start by discussing how they can vary from one another.

Dimensions and Form

The diameters of vape tips vary, and there are two typical sizes for tips that work with sub-ohm tanks: 510 and 810. Because of their longer and thinner form, 510 drip tips are more often linked with MTL vaping. This is because they provide a richer taste that is easier to suck into the mouth and then inhale. 

Wide-bore vape tips, or 810 tips, are significantly more popular since sub-ohm tanks can often handle greater power levels when used by vapers. When vaping direct-lung (DL), the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs, and this higher wattage range is ideal for this method. An 810 tip's broader, shorter design makes this procedure easier and produces clouds with more fluff.


Second, the substance of vaping tips varies. The most popular materials for tips are acrylic, resin, and metal (titanium or stainless steel), all of which can easily withstand the steady flow of heated vapor. In addition, there are fewer common materials, including ceramic and wooden tips.

Tank VS Pod Drip Tips

Tips related to the interchangeable, detachable mouthpieces used with sub-ohm vape tanks. Although mouthpieces on pods offered with pod mod systems aren't strictly tips, you could be misled by the term as some people use it to describe them. 

Mouthpieces with pods often have a tapered design to better concentrate the vapor from such a low-wattage device. Nonetheless, some of the more recent pod systems use more conventional tank designs with tips—basically, these tips are identical to those found on any sub-ohm tank. 

However, as pod systems are usually designed for MTL vaping rather than DL vaping, a 510 Drip Tips is more likely to be present on a pod tank due to the modifications' lower wattage operation.


With this brief overview of tip materials, we hope you will be more equipped to choose wisely when purchasing your first tip. However, like with anything connected to vaping, you have to try out a variety of materials to choose which one you prefer. So, to attain a surreal experience, consider changing it with a new vape drip tip. Get the finest vaping device online from VaporBoss now!

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