Vape Drip Tip: What All You Should Know?

Drip Tip is a cap that can be installed on the top of the vaping devices and can filter out the puffs to make them stronger. 
Vape Drip Tip

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Vaping is loved by people who prefer to get into a different world with some strong flavors. Hence, with a strong nicotine puff, these devices provide an experience that will be cherished for long. The experienced vapers prefer using additional devices such as Vape Drip Tip

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

This is a cap that can be installed on the top of the vaping devices and can filter out the puffs to make them stronger. Well, there are a lot of things that are not known about the vape tips. In this article, we will brief you on everything about these accessories. Let's get to know about it!

How Does Dripping Happen and What Does It Mean?

The act of manually vaping by dripping e-liquids into your device's coil is known as "dripping." As you can see, the majority of vape pens, e-cigarettes, and mods hold e-liquid in their tanks or cartridges. After exiting the cartridge or tank, the e-liquid goes into the atomizer, where it is converted to vapor. After that, you may use this to vape nonstop for a few hours.

In contrast, dripping makes use of a mod without a tank for storing excess e-liquid. If you don't have a tank or cartridge, you start by adding a few e-liquid droplets straight to the atomizer. Unlike conventional vapes, this atomizer—also referred to as a "dripper" or a "rebuildable drip atomizer" (RDA)—is made up of much bigger coils.

510 Drip Tip: What Is It?

In vaping, a popular mouthpiece type is the Drip Tip 510. The connection's 510 threading size is when it gets its name. The vape tip is a replaceable component that attaches to the atomizer or tanks of the vaping apparatus and serves as the mouthpiece for drawing in vapor.

Typically, the 510 drip tips have a greater length of around 12mm and a narrower bore of about 8.5mm. To alter the appearance and feel of the vaping device, it is often constructed from a range of materials like plastic, metal, or resin. It may also take on various forms and patterns.

In vaping, the most popular and extensively utilized vape tip size is the 510. It is compatible with most 510-compatible tanks and atomizers, making it simple to swap out vape tips or locate replacements when necessary.

810 Drip Tip: What It Is?

One kind of mouthpiece utilized in vaping is the 810 Drip Tip. Its dimensions—it employs an 810 connection and has a diameter of around 12.5 mm and a shorter length of about 7–11 mm—have led to its naming.

More airflow and vapor production are possible with the 810 tip because of its larger bore than the 510 drip tip. It is mostly used in bigger atomizers and tanks where a wider bore is necessary for better performance. Additionally, vapers can create bigger clouds and have a greater direct lung impact thanks to the wider bore.

The famous Goon RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) is credited for popularizing the size and design of 810 vape tips, often referred to as "Goon" type vape tips. Because of the Goon RDA's well-known wide open airflow, a large bore vape tip was necessary. Since then, a lot of vaping setups have used the 810 vape tip, particularly for those who like high-power vaping and direct lung hits.

The 810 vaping tip is replaceable and available in several materials, including plastic, metal, and resin, much like the 510 Drip Tips. To further personalize the appearance and feel of the vaping device, it may also be found in various forms and patterns.

How to Effectively Use a Drip Tip?

Using a vape tip is quite straightforward in contrast to traditional dripping. Simply position your atomizer over the vape tip. This makes a straight line from the mouthpiece towards the cotton wick in your coil. Next, carefully pour a little bit of e-liquid into the hole, making sure the coil is well-saturated. This is maybe the hardest part of vape Drip Tip, if not the worst.

It becomes a guessing game to determine the saturation level of the wick since you can't see it. If you use too little e-juice, the wick may burn, resulting in a painful dry hit and a damaged coil. However, an excess of liquid results in a disorganized overflow. It's also important to think about the coil you're utilizing. Coils might vary in thickness and design, even within the same brand and model. 

This affects the quantity of liquid required, the number of repetitions you need to Drip Tip, and the pace at which saturation occurs. The positive aspect is that if you persevere, you'll become proficient at striking the correct balance via trial and error, making it almost intuitive.

Maintaining Your Drip Tip

Drip Tips are surprisingly simple to clean since they're simply discrete bits of material. This is advantageous since cleaning them is crucial. Almost everything that comes into contact with the vape tip leaves a little fragment of itself behind. 

Skin, food particles, extra e-liquid, dust, lint, and other things might theoretically come into contact with that tiny mouthpiece. Cleaning should ideally become a regular practice. Simply run the item under warm water, pat dry with a towel, or leave it outside for a little while. 

A large amount of that muck may adhere to the vape tip if you like to put things off. Here, a quick rinse in warm water and a little isopropyl alcohol do wonders to break off that superfluous accumulation.


Dripping may significantly improve your vaping experience, although it may seem intimidating to beginners because of the terminology, supplies, tools, and variety of styles. Now that you know the fundamentals of dripping before you buy your first drip atomizer and give it a try, be sure to speak with a professional. 

Inadequate coil construction combined with a bad setup would, at best, make vaping unpleasant; at worst, it may be harmful. Thus, if you are looking to get your hands on the best-quality vaping tips, then visit VaporBoss

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