UWell Valyrian Coils Reviews & Insights: Unveiling the Performance

UWell Valyrian Coils Reviews & Insights: Unveiling the Performance

Vaping enthusiasts relish the freedom to enjoy their vape experience, particularly when they have complete control over their vape tanks. Many opt for the UWell Valyrian tank, which necessitates occasional coil replacement. While it's essential to keep a stock of UWell Valyrian Coils link on hand, it's also worth exploring some effective hacks to revive burnt coils without the need for replacements. In this article, we'll share these money-saving tips. Keep reading…

Understanding Vape Coils Vape coils are powered by the battery in your vape device and are wrapped with wicking material, typically made of cotton, which absorbs and holds your e-liquid. The heated coil then transforms the liquid vape juice, held by the wicking material, into vapor. The coil's resistance depends on the quality of the wicking material and the amount of vape juice. If this balance is disrupted, the coils can burn out due to excess heat on the metal.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Useful Mini-Hacks to Try! Before rushing to replace your UWell Valyrian Coil link, consider these factors in your vape tank:

Sufficient Vape Juice: Ensure that your vape system is adequately filled with e-juice. Inadequate filling can cause the coil to burn out quickly because the excess heat generated by the coil remains on the metal. If you notice an unusual taste, check if the vape juice has been fully absorbed by the wicking material.

Authentic Wicking Material: Verify the quality of the wicking material. Low-quality cotton won't effectively hold the vape juice, leading to a burnt taste, as the coil material ends up retaining the heat meant for the wicking material.

Correct Coil Usage: Use the appropriate coil designed for your tank. UWell Valyrian Tanks perform optimally with UWell Valyrian Coils. Installing other coils to save money can backfire, as they tend to burn out more quickly.

If you've already checked all the above hacks and the problem persists, you might just be an avid vaper, and heavy vaping can naturally reduce the lifespan of your coils!

Why Choose UWell Valyrian Coils? 

UWell Coils link are crafted from high-quality stainless steel and feature a parallel dual coil structure. They utilize premium quality cotton for wicking material. The wider wicking ports maximize vape juice absorption, enhancing the efficiency and lifespan of the coil.

Replacing the Coils: Step-by-Step Guide

  • Start by disassembling your vape, separating the tank from the bottom of the device. The specific method may vary depending on your vape model, so consult the user manual if you're unsure. For Uwell Valyrian tanks, removing the tank from the base allows you to access the coil.
  • Empty the tank, remove the old coil, and pre-soak the new coil's wicking material with e-liquid. Once fully saturated and primed, replace the old coil with the new one.
  • Reassemble the vape by following the reverse steps of the disassembly process.
  • Refill your tank with your preferred vape juice, and enjoy smooth, flavorful hits.

What is a vape coil?

A crucial component in your vaping setup, the vape coil plays a pivotal role in transforming your liquidized nicotine blend into vapor. Vape coils come in various resistances, determining the vapor flow, which can vary depending on the coil's material and winding style—traditional coils or mesh coils. Consequently, the coil's heat capacity makes it a vital element in your vape device.

Is it Safe to Clean Vape Coils?

Ensuring the cleanliness of your vape device is essential, and this includes regularly cleaning your coils. Doing so not only enhances their longevity but also promotes hygiene.

Are UWell Valyrian Coils Superior to Handmade Coils?

UWell Valyrian Coils link are tailored exclusively for the UWell Valyrian Sub Ohm Tank, featuring a resistance of 0.15 Ω and a wattage range of 95 to 120 Watts. These coils are purpose-built for UWell tanks, making them the ideal choice for UWell tank users. The press-fit design of these coils ensures compatibility that handmade coils cannot match. Keep in mind that coil superiority varies based on the tank and the vaper's preferences.

Other Signs that It's Time to Replace Your Coil

  • A noticeable burnt taste.
  • Diminished flavor intensity.
  • Reduced flavor production.
  • Unusual device leaking

We hope you find this information helpful. Vape responsibly, as excessive vaping can be detrimental to your health. Nicotine is strictly prohibited for underage individuals and can be harmful if used excessively. 

You can purchase Valyrian coils online from various reputable vaping supply retailers and websites. Here are some popular online platforms where you can find Uwell Valyrian coils: There are online stores specializing in vaping products, such as Vapor, where you can find the best selection of coils. When buying online, always ensure that you are purchasing genuine Uwell products from reputable sellers to guarantee quality and authenticity. Additionally, check shipping options and fees to ensure a smooth purchasing experience. Enjoy vaping sensibly!

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