Upgrade Your Vaping Sessions with Uwell Valyrian Coils

Upgrade Your Vaping Sessions with Uwell Valyrian Coils

Coils to vapes are like hearts to humans. The coil material allows the vape juice to heat and convert it into massive clouds. Since the time it was first invented by Hon Lik, the technical process still remains the same. Today, there’s a plethora of different vape brands offering coils of all types. 

 Similarly, Uwell Valyrian Coils, an innovative design is hitting the vape industry like a storm. From material to performance, the coils are known for better resistance, impressive performance, clean flavor and giant clouds. It comes with a pack of 2 sub-ohm coils, both providing a rich and unparalleled flavor. 

 How are Uwell Valyrian Coils different?

 Starting from just $8, the Uwell coils are constructed using a parallel coil design, stainless steel material, impressive air-flow system and full-capacity resistance. 

This product is designed to generate heavy clouds and make the flavor taste as good as possible. It comes with a dual coil of .15ohms and a mesh coil of .18ohms under the parallel coil structure. This dynamic design has set the new standard for vaping with mesh and dual coils. 

 0.18 ohm mesh coil having the most surface area on the 100% organic cotton has the most potential to deliver the best possible flavor. Dual coil on the other hand, helps in producing dense clouds and prevents the device from delivering dry hits. Once you figure out how to vape using these coils, your vaping journey will get far better and satisfied. 

 The design also does the product complete justice. The coil wire is made of stainless steel while the upper body is made of glass material. It’s lightweight yet robust that won’t break any easily even if you are a heavy vaper. Plus, the Uwell coils promise a better airflow system and enhanced flavor of the e-juice. 

 How To Maintain Vape Coil 

 #1 Unhook the pieces

 Detach the device carefully from top and bottom and empty the juice cartridge, if any. Just remember the steps as you’ll be required to put them back for assembling. Record a video or take step to step pictures to remember from where you started. 

 #2 Run warm water in batches

 Rush warm water for a few seconds and make sure no residual juice is left in the tank. 20 to 30 seconds are enough to properly clean the tank.

#3 Brush it off

 We won’t usually know how dirty our vapes get after strongly using daily. Coiling brush or wiping the dirt off once in a while can improve the quality of your tank and coil. It is best to clean stubborn residues using a coil cleaner or good-quality alcohol. 

 Soak a cotton cloth in a cleaning agent and gently remove wicks and then rinse with warm water. Most of the vapers make the cleaning agent at home using the items from the pantry such as baking soda, ethanol, vodka or vinegar. This is a great money saver and makes sure to clean the coil properly. Rinse the coils thoroughly after using the cleaner and let it dry for a few minutes. 

 #4 Wipe with a paper towel 

 Once the tank has been set to dry, take an absorbent paper towel and gently run it to all the corners of the coil and remove all the traces of water and other residues. You may also use a microfiber cloth. 

 #5 Air Dry

 Avoid refilling the tank right away after the whole cleaning process. Let it air dry for 15 to 20 minutes under the room temperature. Say a big no to heat drying or keeping it from the sunlight as heat can damage the coil and all the legwork of cleaning and polishing would be useless. 

 The Bottom Line

 The Uwell Valyrian coils are 100% recommended as it is a one-stop solution to all your vaping essentials. From decent flavors to massive clouds, and quality construction to amazing performance, these coils have the efficiency to live up to your expectations. So, what are your preferences when it comes to quality vaping? Do you love disposables or replaceables? If you love replaceable vapes then nord coils are the way to go. We bet they won’t disappoint. 

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