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 HorizonTech Falcon II coils

HorizonTech Falcon

The HorizonTech Falcon II coils are to be used as replacements for the Falcon 2 vape tank. You can purchase 100% genuine coils at a discount right here at VaporBoss. These coils are produced and specifically built for sub ohm vaping with a resistance of 1.14 ohms. The coils produce more powerful clouds because they can heat more e-liquid at a faster rate because of its mesh coil and bigger surface area. The use of wood pulp, cotton, and woven mesh also causes the liquid to be absorbed more quickly, providing a more potent and supple flavor.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.


  • Brand Horizon
  • Coil Resistance 0.14ohm Best 70-75w
  • Fit for Horizon Falcon II Sub Ohm Tank
  • Quantity 3pcs/pack

In Box

HorizonTech Falcon link comes packaged in a two-part plastic six-sided tube rather than the typical boxy container. The spare coil and O'rings are underneath the Falcon II, which is prominently shown in the upper section. Thankfully, a 5.5ml bubble glass is provided separately because the given tank was just 2ml. The supplied coils adhere to the current push fit installation fad and are a brand-new cotton/wood pulp conical mesh known as the Sector mesh coil. These coils first appear to be similar to the other coils, however due to a small difference in diameter, neither can be used in the other tank, which is unfortunate considering that there is only one coil that can be used.

One of the most attractive Sub Ohm tanks available is the tank itself. It features a highly polished exterior surface that matches the coil cage's hue, and a resin 810 drip tip tops it off. You may change the tip for a favorite that is compatible using the O-ring in the catch cup. Airflow is provided by three "cyclops"-style inlets, and the adjustable ring moves smoothly. A sliding top cap is used to fill the container, and it feels reassuringly tight so that it won't pop up in a pocket or purse. Where to push to slide the top is indicated by a white arrow. All except the largest nibbed bottles may fit through the reasonably wide fill port that is visible when the cap is lifted, however the drip tip does get in the way with larger bottles

In Use

It was time to prime the coil and fill it after a short strip down to make sure all of the O-rings were in place and the required rinse. Large wicking apertures enable the application of a few drops of juice before refitting, filling, and letting a ten-minute soak. I began lower at 60W and gradually increased to a cozy 70W despite being rated at 70-75W. I had no comparison because I hadn't used any of the earlier Falcon tanks, but the flavor and vapor production amazed me. When compared to the other subtank, I sensed something different despite the conical airflow in the coil's coil helping to concentrate flavor at the moment it reaches the drip tip. I discovered that the Falcon tip bore is bigger than the other tip after doing a closer scrutiny. This wasn't a problem; I only noticed it since I was using the same custard juice in both tanks at about the same settings. This only demonstrated how even little adjustments may have an impact. I couldn't pick between the two, but it was excellent to be able to notice the difference.

Given that the juice is a bit of a coil killer on round wire coils, the fact that the first coil is still running strong after about 10 refills (50ml) with no indication of a loss in flavor is a plus. Mesh coils, in my experience, may be more forgiving, particularly if the wicking is good and the device doesn't oversaturate while in use.

How durable are these coils?

Depending on your usage and the liquid you use, these Falcon 2 coils should last you 1 to 1.5 weeks. Higher wattage low resistance coils don't often last as long as higher resistance coils. By carefully preparing your coils—by priming the coil before usage with your liquid, using the appropriate wattage, and filling off your tank so that it does not burn out—you may try to avoid them from burning out rapidly.

What flavorful Falcon coil is the best?

One of the best producers in this sector, Horizon is well recognized in the vaping community. These coils are produced from high-quality materials and meticulously developed to ensure that you get the most use possible out of your coils, so it is highly likely that there will be one to fit your preferred method of vaping.

Can vape coils be cleaned and reused?

Technically, the answer is true; you may soak your coils in rubbing alcohol for a few hours to clean them. The next step is to rinse them under the faucet and blow into the holes to ensure that all the liquid has been blown out. Then, you must wait until they are entirely dry before filling them with liquid, which might take some time. The best-case situation is that you get an additional 2–3 days out of them, so ordering replacement coils could be quicker and simpler than waiting for the old coils to dry out.

To Sum Up

After using the HorizonTech Falcon II Coils link for a while, you can see why people loved the earlier iterations, and whether you own those earlier iterations or not, this is a welcome addition. Although the top fill with the provided drip tip might be cumbersome, many slides to fill tanks have this characteristic. The other is that there is now only one coil available and there is no compatibility with earlier coils.

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