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Elf Bar BC5000

Its disposable nature with a charger was the first thing I noted.  It features a Type-C charging connector for quick charging, however, there isn't a liquid drainage hole. It's already filled to the brim with 5,000 puffs' worth of juice. 

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

After utilizing it for a few days, everything began to make sense, even if at first I wasn't sure what to make of it. My Elf Bar link vape's daily routine was vaping all day, charging it in the evening for about a half-hour, and then continuing to vape.  I used all the e-Liquid in just under a week.  When the battery runs out, I just recycle the gadget.  This is a really plausible choice because it is roughly how much I spend anyway.

Elf Bars: Checking for Authenticity

I could see the QRC code on the packaging.  To be sure it wasn't a copy, I scanned it.  I was informed right away that I was smoking a genuine product rather than some clone pirate's home concoction.

The Impact

Neither sliding air vents nor buttons are present.  Simply place it in your mouth and strike it.  It struck well; I was able to withstand both mouth blows, and by releasing a small amount of air from the sides of my lips to regulate the air mixture, I was able to deliver a direct blow to the lung. Although the drawer is not as tight as my refill vapes, it is still nice for a throwaway device! 

It is ideal for vaping all day or when traveling.  Although it doesn't strike particularly hard or give a strong throat hit, if you draw strongly, you will receive more than enough puff. The battery lasted me the whole first day and recharged in about a half-hour the next evening after being plugged in.  I vape a lot, and I was able to vape day and night for six days. I was only without my iPhone for about half an hour because charging is simple, the USB-C Charging cord can be inserted either side, and it charges rather rapidly.

Elf Bar Vape Flavors

To begin with, I sampled three of the flavors.  Here are my thoughts on each:

Lemon Mint: Despite the fact that pairing fruit with mint is fairly popular these days, I rarely enjoy it.  The exception is this Lemon Mint.  Where it belongs, the mint flavor is well below the lemon flavor.  I was taken back to the flavor of Lemonheads from my childhood when I exhaled.  I started smoking more and more, and it kept tasting good.  

When experimenting with new flavors, you may have to become used to the combination or settle for something that tastes about 80% as good.  

Blue Razz Ice: The flavor of Blue Razz Ice is less "in your face" than that of some other blue brands.  I'm reminded of Concord grapes by this.  Not the delicious green grapes without seeds, but the purple grapes with thick skin and seeds.  This flavor reminds me of eating wild grapes, and the connection to my childhood got me hooked.  After using it for a few days, I was still in the mood for more.

On the exhale, you can detect a hint of chemical or synthetic flavor along with the fruit because many of these fruit flavors go excessive. This is not the case with this vape. Contrarily, Blue Razz Ice has a pleasant flavor on the inhale and, more significantly, keeps that flavor on the exhale as well. I could essentially vape them nonstop without feeling like it was too much.  Today, I'm also receiving one of them.

Sakura Grape: This tasty grape has cherry undertones.  The Sakura Grape is a "in your face" grape flavor in contrast to the Blue Razz Ice, which is tasty yet subtle for all-day vaping.  Given that "Sakura" is another term for cherry blossoms, I assume that they are aiming for a cherry/grape flavor.  That is tasted. This disposable has a strong flavor that is sweeter than blue razz ice and contains more of it.  There is a flowery and grape scent.  This flavor is for you if you can't get enough of a fragrant cherry grape.

Where to Buy Elf Bar?

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