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The Role of Vape Coils in the Vape Unit

June 07, 2021

The Role of Vape Coils in the Vape Unit

The control on the cloud is the call of every hardcore vaper and this is majorly monitored by the resistance present in the coils that are an integral part of the vaping machine. To be able to master the replacement of the coil for say, the Uwell Valyrian Coils in your vape tanks, it is important first to know the types of vape coils and how by changing these types, you can meet the euphoria of the throat hits!

Let us begin…

 It heats the e-juice

Yes! Heard that right! Without the vaping coils, you cannot get your e-liquid turned into vapors because it is the coils that get heated once you activate the batteries of your vape tanks or pod mods. This heat converts the vape juice into vapors by giving the required heat to the wicking material(cotton) that is fully absorbed by the e-liquid.

 The Types of coils in e-cigs

Earlier e-cigs were supported by the traditional Kanthal wire that added resistance. Later, the wicking resistances like nylon, fiberglass, silicon fiber, mesh came to be used. Today, if you want to make your vaping coil or are looking for a ready-made option then, the undermentioned material

  • Kanthal- Formed as a mixture of three coils, this is a commonly used material for the vape coils and comes in different thicknesses to deliver different amounts of resistances. Also, it does not demand any external feature to function.
  • Nichrome-These coils are very much like the Kanthals but the composition is thinner and the materials or alloys used are two only. Best suitable for the sub-ohming.
  • Ceramic Coil- These coils are known for their longevity and carrier as a wicking material. With these coils, separate wicking material is not wrapped. Also with the ceramic coil, the metal's oxidation issue needs no botherations.
  • Unless there is a specific mention of the coil material on the labels, the coils circulating in the market as the trending ones are either Kanthal or Nichrome.
  • Titanium- Functional only with the temperature controlling mode vaping systems and therefore are somewhat restricted coils.
  • Nickel- They too are limited to the temperature controlling vape units only.
  • Stainless Steel- Can be used for both the temperature control mode and straight wattage system. 
  • Mesh Coil- Based on the thickness of the metal wires or resistance coils, mesh coils have a large surface area due to which maximum-sized clouds can be created!It is a wire with holes. These coils are in the vogue too, especially for sub-ohming.
  • Net Coil- Similar to the Mesh Coils but with all the bigger holes! That means, even more, big vapors and flavors!
  • Vertical Coil- These are the ones that are referred to as the regular coils. They are straight and simple coil-shaped wires. The wicking material is wrapped around them. These are the most popular ones!
  • Dual Coil- As the name suggests, doubling the vertical wires to increase more surface area to maximize the vapor size, results in the Dual Coil. Similarly, there are Triple Coils and Multiple Coils.
  • Twisted Coil-This type of Coil is braided around each other and is composed of multiple strands of wires, unlike the above-discussed ones.

Some FAQs:

How to detect that the coil needs a replacement?

  • Decrease in flavor
  • Restricted Air Flow
  • Burnt Taste

What is the life cycle of these coils?

Varies between 1 to 2 weeks depending upon how and how much you vape.


Seeing the above variations, it would not be wrong to say that the vape coils play a prime role in tailoring your king of throat hits. Selecting the right material, resistance number( i.e; Ω), and gauge of the coil, all have to be balanced to a perfect calculation as per your desire!