The Reasons VooPoo Argus Air Is the Best Option

Unlock the secrets of the VooPoo Argus Air in this comprehensive guide. Dive into a world of unparalleled vaping pleasure with insights, FAQs, and expert tips.
VooPoo Argus Air

Two different kinds of pods are used in the pod-style AIO known as the VOOPOO Argus Air Pod Kit. While the other is disposable with non-replaceable coils, the first has a plug-and-play system that can be changed out. With various coils, you may enjoy vaping MTL and DTL within the resistance range of 0.6Ω to 3.0Ω.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

The 900mAh built-in rechargeable battery powers the VOOPOO Argus Air link Pod Kit, with a maximum output of 25W. A bottom-filling technique is employed. Within an hour, you may recharge it using the Type-C charging cord. Because it does not support pass-through, you cannot use this while charging. The Button-and-draw Activation feature that makes it incredibly easy to use.

Build Quality and Design

It is small and lightweight, measuring around 95.3 × 31.4 × 19.3mm. Above the OLED screen, there is only one button on the Argus Air. It has an adjustable airflow system and dual airflow. Except for a little hole, the three slots on either side are closed in, yet the slots on either side are hollow. All your vaping data, including wattage, coil resistance, puff count, and time, is shown on the LED screen. The body is made of leather and zinc alloy, which provides durability and a pleasant feel. There are seven distinct hues for the leather.

VOOPOO Argus AirPod Cartridge and Coils

 Four circular magnets are used to connect the Argus Air Pod. It has a rubber-plugged bottom filling system. The mouthpiece is quite well-fitting. Within the port are two small Phillips screws, two spring-loaded connecting pins, and an elevated hole for the draw activation sensor. Two coils are included: a built-in 0.8 ohm coil and a PnP-TM1 0.6 ohm coil.

Performance of VOOPOO Argus Air Pod Kit

A portable and useful device is the VOOPOO Argus Air Pod Kit link . The Gene chip, which powers the gadget, offers short circuit and overload protection. Both button-activated and draw-activated firing modes are available with the kit. To initiate a draw, simply push the fire button or inhale straight. The draw activation is not as sensitive as the fire button but responds quickly. Two pre-installed pods with various coils are included with the Argus Air kit. Let's observe each one of them individually.

0.6-ohm PnP-TM1 mesh coil

Using the 0.6-ohm PnP-TM1 mesh coil at 20–25 watts is advised. You get very little vapor production and a faint flavor suggestion when the airflow is set to MTL. You get a little cloud with DTL, but the flavor isn't that great. It was not even a dry hit.

0.8-ohm integrated MTL coil

The 0.8-ohm MTL coil had a good flavor; however, the plastic taste took some days to get rid of. You cannot rinse the coil out because it is not detachable. The MTL airflow setting offered a tight draw and a pleasant throat hit, so I liked it better. Also, there's not a dry hit with this coil.

VOOPOO Argus Air Battery Life

The 900mAh internal battery powers the device. It doesn't enable pass-through charging thus, it's best to charge it as soon as the screen shows just one bar. The Argus Air requires roughly 70 minutes to charge fully.

Using PnP coils, you can operate the machine at 25 watts. You can take a 2-second puff every other minute for eight hours, with the battery set to 25w for eight minutes.

VOOPOO Argus Air Pod Kit Review

This kit is well-made, sophisticated, and robust. The respectable airflow can produce both MTL and DTL draw. Excellent flavor and vapor production are achieved. The kit is a lightweight, ergonomic option you should consider purchasing. 

Pros and Cons


  • Not a single dull hit
  • Not a single leak
  • Good coil life
  • Adaptable ventilation system
  • It feels cozy in the palm of your hand
  • Outstanding performance from the battery
  • Excellent MTL flavor and vapor
  • Support activation via both buttons and drawings
  • Suitable with RBA and PnP coil heads


  • A poor DTL encounter
  • Just a single button to press
  • It tastes like plastic from the original pods
  • Refuse to accept pass-through charging
  • No Disable shortcut (five presses)

How to Use the Pod?

All you have to do is fill the disposable pod and place it inside. The Nord-style pods function similarly to other pods. Filling the pod is a pretty simple operation. Remove the rubber steel and replace it. The fill port can use conventional size and fine-tip droppers. 

Tilting the pod is recommended to improve e-liquid filling. Most of these pods have a tinge; however, that does not mean the liquid within is invisible. For this model, the magnets holding the pods in place are powerful and have a good grip. The Argus Air likewise uses the single button operation.

When you turn on the device, it can automatically determine the resistance of your coil and change the wattage accordingly. Try to prevent unintentionally blowing your coils because if you try to swap when it's on, it won't react in any way. 

It is not possible to lock the gadget all at once. You must pick items from the menu. Without removing the pod, it is possible to inadvertently ignite the device multiple times, which causes irregularities in the process. It might also occur if you hold down the wattage selector.

All of your information, including coil resistance, wattage, puff count, and the time it takes for each puff, can be seen on the LED screen. It's also simple to notice the battery indication at the top. Follow these instructions.

  • To turn on the device, press the button five times.
  • To modify the wattage, click three times on the button
  • The power will fluctuate between 1 and 25 watts.
  • When the device is turned on, click to lock in the configuration five times.
  • To choose between options, hold down the fire button.
  • Press the fire button five times to unlock the smartphone.

In Summary

We may observe from the aforementioned facts that there is much activity in the Argus air. It would be wise to consider this item if you're searching for an AIO device. It has a large capacity, particularly considering the 3.8ml and 900mAh battery. For experienced vape users who enjoy changing their coils, it features an RBA option. To test how it works for you, you can give the PnP coils a try. This is high-end equipment that is generally worth the money.

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