The‌ ‌Qualitative‌ ‌Vaping‌ ‌Performance‌ ‌of‌ ‌Hyde‌ ‌Retro‌ ‌ Rave‌ ‌Disposable‌

February 13, 2022

The‌ ‌Qualitative‌ ‌Vaping‌ ‌Performance‌ ‌of‌ ‌Hyde‌ ‌Retro‌ ‌ Rave‌ ‌Disposable‌

To get cent percent relaxation during your vaping it is best to go for a disposable vape. These smart little highlighter-sized vapes add ease to a vaper by saving them from the worry of maintenance. Hyde Retro Rave Disposable has been created under the same line of thought and its functioning is impeccable! 

Without leaving any mess behind, it can give you the pleasure of 5000 puffs which can be fully puffed by recharging it during your breaks. This takes just a few minutes and can be recharged just the way you charge any other mobile using a Type C cable and connecting it to its base.

It brings every feature that makes puffing hi-fi. From appeal to providing flavorful nicotine hits, it is just perfect to have this handy e-cig that is ready to use.

Authentic tastes to switch every time you order a new one!

Who would not want everything coming easy in life? Hyde Retro Rave Disposable provides ready-made flavors that can be used to make your vaping satisfaction rise more with a new flavor every time you order the fresh one.  18 selections of flavors that are made keeping in mind the most trending and demanding flavors of its customers are all worth tasting.

  • Aloe Grape  - Smooth, Sweet, and Sour. It is the flavor play that everyone would want more.
  • Bananas and Cream - It adds double the texture to your vape, fresh cream taste and banana’s thick fruity flavor makes this taste more creamy.
  • Blue Raz Ice - The unique vapors that taste exactly like blue raspberries with a hint of mint taste.
  • Brazzmallows - Marshmallow taste that comes under the blue raspberries juice.
  • Cola Ice - Get on the chilling coca-cola flavor on every inhale.
  • Energize - Fans of energy drinks, here is your vaping match!
  • Loops - Enjoy the fulfilling cereal taste of loops while pulling every draw.
  • Mighty-O's - Extravagant mint vibes.
  • Morning Brew - Refreshen with the vibe of a coffee taste while you vape. It feels great.
  • Peach Mango Watermelon - Give your taste buds the ultimate refreshment with the blend of these three favorite fruit juices. Tastes good while vaping.
  • Philippine Mango - Authentic mango flavor.
  • Pina Colada - Get the toothsome icy feels on tropical tastes of pineapple and coconut. It takes you to the beach mood.
  • Power-One more choice for the fans of energy drinks for a stress-free vaping kick!
  • Sour Apple Ice - A combination of fruity tastes and menthol leaves.
  • Strawberry Kiwi - The two ultimate flavors that blend for the best.
  • Summer LUV - Mixed fruits are always awesome and so is while vaping.
  • Tropical - The fruit juices of the tropics mixed with a flavor of chewing gum.

How much nicotine hit does Hyde Retro Rave contain?

This vape can provide you with nice strength of 5% nicotine that is blended in 12 ml of vape juice in every unit. It is a great way to smoke tobacco-free and also cuts down to half the intake of nicotine to what is present in a traditional cigarette. 

Can I carry my Hyde Retro in my pocket?

Being a rechargeable one-time use vape, the battery weight decreases due to which it has a sleek and lightweight chassis that is commendable during travels or at fieldwork. It fits in the pockets very easily and you won’t even feel the burden of it.

The Takeaway,

Hyde Retro Rave Disposable is the vaping pleasure that anyone would want to own. It is not for DL vaping but for those who are MTL vapers, it is an exemplary vape gadget with awesome 18 exotic flavors that will make your throats and palates satisfied to the core.

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