The Goodness of Lost Mary

The Goodness of Lost Mary

Nowadays, people use electronic cigarettes, also known as "Vaping", instead of traditional cigarettes because of their unique features. They usually consist of propylene glycol and/or glycerine, exotic flavours and nicotine. 

Lost Mary Specifications 

"Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape" is an excellent Vaping device designed by Elf Bar. It produces 5000+ puffs with an enormous 13ml pre-filled pod with incredible e-liquid. You fall in love with the device with every puff, especially with your chosen flavour. 

It also has a battery indicator that helps Vapers see the battery level while using the product. It has a USB-C 650mAh built-in battery. It can be fully charged within just 3 hours which is quite convenient, and will last all day. There are 3 types of LED colours displayed in the vape: Green, Blue and Red, showing the amount of charge left in the rechargeable battery. The device is fairly lightweight and compact compared to most other disposable vape pods. 

12 Wonderful exotic flavours to mix in your life 

It is a pre-filled disposable vape, and it also comes with 12 different types of scrumptious and exotic flavours like blue cotton candy, juicy peach, strawberry pina colada, watermelon etc. See the other unique features of Lost Mary that will compel you to buy this fantastic product; let's start with:  

  • All the flavours are mind-blowing, and with every puff, you will fall in love with the device and flavours. 
  • Just one puff is enough to know its worth and how it will take you on an amazing vaping ride and let you explore its massive sweet clouds. 
  • It has 5% Nicotine in it, a brilliant way to reduce a person's smoking habits. 
  • Starting with a low-nicotine not only reduces the intake of it but also helps with not getting addicted to it, which is an excellent thing because users can become physically and psychologically dependent on nicotine. 
  • The device's delicious puffs are made of salt, propyl glycol, vegetable glycerine and other harmless compounds. This fine compound enriches your vaping journey and gives you a sense of satisfaction. 
  • Each puff is unique, refreshing and delicious with mouth-bursting flavours, so every puff makes you feel more soothed and mentally and physically relaxed. 
  • Every puff will make you crave more of these different types of exotic sweetness, and as it also gives you a long-lasting sensation in your mind and heart, it's the must-try product. 

So If you love to create cloudy puffs with their vapes, do not want to mess with your health, and do not want to get additive to nicotine, then The Lost Mary Vape is the only one for you. 

Easy to carry Lost Mary 

Lost Mary Vape is perfect for beginners and veteran vapers who like to have an alternative travel-friendly device they can carry with them wherever and whenever they want. It has a very sleek dual-colour design with a comfortable hand-held feel. 

Lost Mary Unique Design  

There are literally 100 or maybe 1000 types of vaping devices in the market, but what makes this device different is the issue most vaping devices have is "spillage and overheating", and most of the products do not have sustainable built quality and design, which is such a waste as it creates all of the above issues. It makes the users shift from one device to another, which is unfortunate because it leads to wasting their money and time.  

Lost Mary vape is different because it makes use of the fact that its users do not have to go through all mind-boggling problems and provides as much satisfaction to its user. It has an anti-leakage design and heat resistance, a fundamental requirement of a good vape. The activated firing mechanism is the USP of this device, and the mechanism also helps you not face any kind of inconvenience while you are busy with your joyful vaping ride and making puff clouds. All these features in Lost Mary vape add five stars to its performance. 

Lost Mary is a device that gives you a comfortable vaping puff and makes every puff count. You are not taking just a puff of a device; you are going on a mesmerising journey with every puff and getting surprised by it. So, start your vaping ride now with Lost Mary and feel abundant bliss.

Here, we have introduced the newest LOST MARY OS5000 Disposable Vape, which has a 650mAh internal battery, which we are happy to provide. And, without a doubt, we are so sure that you will also be happy and satisfied while using it. Your taste buds will be delighted by this disposable vape, which offers 12 flavours and a top-type-c charging port! So, what are you waiting for now? Order this incredible Lost Mary now; you'll never regret it. 

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