The Fruity Flavors by Funky Republic & Funky Lands - Celebrate The Joy of Having Them

Discover the exciting world of Funky Republic Vape & Funky Lands. Explore the latest trends, flavors, and experiences in the vaping community.
Funky Republic Vape

What if you get a chance to choose the one of the most popular and iconic vaping devices? Yes, if you have to choose one out of Funky Republic link & Funky Lands link , what will you choose? Isn’t it a tough choice? Seriously, both of these vapes are significant to choose from and hold impeccable features. Their flavorful charisma has literally been an excellent experience for all time. Electric vapes are the most trending device among teenagers and smokers. The reason for being a trending device is no flame, easy to carry, and flavor varieties. The different flavors of e-liquid change the person's mood instantly. Choose any of these vapes, and you will enjoy the inhale at its best. Enjoy any of them, but before that, have a look at their uniqueness in variations. 

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

The Rescue of Funky Republic’s Funky Specifications 

Are you serious that you are aware of all the features and specifications the Funky Republic Ti7000 is known for? Well! That is amazing if you know all of them but we seriously doubt. So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore these features and discover what sets this device apart:

  • Are you still worried about the compact design of the vape? So, don’t worry! This vape is Portable & Travel-Friendly, making it perfect for on-the-go vaping. 
  • How many puffs counts this vaping device is offering? This wonder filled vape offers an amazing puff count of 7000 vapes, which is enough for you to enjoy a long-lasting inhale.  
  • Waiting for an Extremely Lightweight vape? Why look here and there when you have two most unique and phenomenal options? 
  • Draw-Activated Design: Your mind will be blown to know the device activates when you inhale, offering a user-friendly and hassle-free experience.
  • USB Type-C Cable: You have the benefit that you need to charge the device at all times and everywhere available USB Type-C cable. This will not only help you get charging the device and but also ensure the convenience and quick turnaround.
  • Built-in 600mAh Rechargeable Battery is also important, isn’t it? That’s why this vape has a substantial battery you will definitely like for sure. Because it holds, the capacity guarantees that the Ti7000 will last as long as you need it to. 
  • E-Liquid and Battery Indicator It also comes with a battery and e-liquid indicator, which helps you understand how much more stuff you have on the go. 
  • ANTI-Leak Technology: If you also want to get rid of leaks and any other kind of mess, so this  Ti7000 has the antileak technology that will help you to prevent such issues. This will help you ensure a clean and enjoyable vape.

It’s Time to Know The Specifications of Funky Lands  

  • 7000 Puffs: With a whopping 7000 puffs  
  • Smart Power Screen Display Window: Built-in screen display 
  • Battery Indicator: Ensuring you're never caught off guard  
  • E-Liquid Indicator: You're never left with an empty tank unexpectedly 
  • Quaq Tech Mesh Coils: Experience unbeatable flavor and vapor production 
  • Lightweight & Portable: Designed for on-the-go convenience 
  • Disposable Design: For your one-time use 
  • Draw Activated: No buttons, no hassle 
  • USB Type-C Cable Included: Recharge your Funky vape easily with the included USB Type-C cable 
  • Rechargeable 600mAh Built-In Battery: Built-in 600mAh battery for extended vaping sessions 
  • Pre-Filled 17mL E-liquid: Funky Republic Land comes pre-filled with 17mL of 5% Salt Nicotine 
  • Anti-Leak Technology: No mess, no fuss 

The Top Funky Republic & Funky Lands Flavors 

The flavors are considered the core of every vaping device. Let’s discuss that what are the top 5 Funky Flavors of these vapes and know what are those flavors that can add charm to our vaping experience.  So, what are we all waiting for? Let’s know them: 

Cantaloupe Apple 

Apples are healthy; we all know, and have you ever heard about the luscious melon mixed with a burst of tart green apple? Obviously not! That’s why these vapes are amazing and distinct from others. As they always offer the most magical and dreaming flavors. So, try it once and share the tartness of these flavors with your friends and family as well.

Melon Berry Bomb Ice

We all like melons, and what is this mix of juicy berries and a blend of melons? It definitely will be amazing and refreshing, for sure. Not only this but on top of it, you will also be enjoying this vape with a bomb of ice, which will be 10x the flavors of this vape. 

Strawberry Banana 

Wow! What a flavor with a blend of Strawberry with Milky Bananas. Seriously, it will be a tropical strawberry banana flavor that will blow your mind with its milky mojitos flavor. So, no matter what but never forget to try these flavors at least once so that you will literally feel amazing and want the goodness of bananas again and again.

Blueberry Duo Ice 

Hey! How about blueberries? Do you like it? We all love it, and that’s why, to add more fun to this flavor, we have added something really extra to this flavor. Yes, this time, you will be enjoying blueberries in Funky Republic Flavors & even Funky Lands Flavor as well. And it will seriously amaze you like anything and blow you like anything. And, the blueberries will not come alone; instead, they will join your party with a Duo of Ince.

Passion Fruit Kiwi Lime 

You must have enjoyed Kiwifruit many times. Yes, this is the one which is also known as Chinese Gooseberry as well. You will say Yippie when you enjoy the flavorful lime with a blend of sweet kiwi. This would be literally something extraordinary you would have during every inhale while vaping.

So, these are amazing flavors and specifications of Funky Republic Vape & Funky Lands Vaping Device. Surely, you must have made your opinion known and must have decided what you will be ordering next for vaping. Understood, you must still be a little confused; no issues. Take your time and decide what you want, and tell us in the comments so other vapers can also get some help!  

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