The Coil Science That Every SMOK Nord User Must Know

The Coil Science That Every SMOK Nord User Must Know

Are you hooked over your SMOK Nord tank? Well, whatever version of the Smok Nord is your favorite, one of the hearts of the tool of your vape tank is the coil that is used in its atomizer and if you think you are a vaping maniac and still have no in-depth knowledge about the coils used in your Vape mod then this post will give you quick bullet info on the role and function of SMOK Nord Coils in your vape system and how can you make the best selection to give your throat the kind of nicotine hits it wants. 


“ The Basics About The Resistance Coil In The Vape Mod ”

The vaping Coil is the material that is usually made of the “Kanthal”, a metal made out of the alloys of iron, aluminum, and chromium. The major role of the coil is to hold the heat that is passed to it using the electric current released by the battery that lights up automatically when you inhale. This heat converts your e-liquid into vapors which are rolled around the coil using a wicking material, usually made of cotton.

Now that you’ve understood the basic role of the coil in the vape tank, let us move on to some scientific and technical details….

The nature of your coil ( the material used-metal or ceramic, the form of its build--regular or meshed, and its thickness) decides the flow and size of your nicotine cloud. A coil that has higher resistance will give you restricted vapors while the lower one will give you a flow that is loose and can create bigger clouds. Therefore for sub-ohm vaping, resistance below one is suitable. 

Just remember the rule- Minimum resistance= Bigger cloud size and free nicotine flow!

“ Applying The Rule To Select the best SMOK Nord Coils ” 

The SMOK Nord Coils are available in three variants - Regular, Mesh, and Ceramic with resistances 1.4Ω, 0.6Ω / 0.8Ω, and 1.4Ω respectively. Now, to select the appropriate coil for yourself, you need to be clear about what kind of vapor flow do you prefer? If you are an MTL vaper then opting for Regular or  Mesh is the wise choice to make.

The mesh is available in two resistances and is for the Sub-Ohm vapers and is apt for lower wattage vapes while the regular ones can be used by those who enjoy the higher concentrations of draws. For Direct lung vaping, go for the ceramic ones which do not use the wicking material and won’t give you the burnt taste.

Ideal for people who are comfortable vaping Direct to Lungs and want more of the flavor feeling whale vaping. Ceramic coils are also known for their longevity as compared with the other two coils.

Hope now it will be easier for you to select your version of the replacement Coils? If your curiosity wants you to dig deeper behind its science, study the Ohms Law! 

Vape Wise!

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