The Breathtaking Flavorful Vaping Explosion With Pod 5500

Are you hooked on vaping on disposables? Want to update your cloud numbers? These demands can be dealt with best with the master of vaping contentment - Pod 5500 is the iconic deal-breaker when it comes to puffing with style and convenience.


The vastness of puffing comes with the number of puffs it has to offer which is approximate up to 5500. These are all delivered to the level of smoothness beyond the general expectations by a vaper. 

Suitable for the MTL vaping clan, this vape is sure to be a must-try, and here is all about this hi-tech vape that you must look at to make the right choice!

The Extravagant Flavors

Even after being a throwaway vape, it has a total number of 20 taste options that are all uniquely concocted to make your vaping a satisfying ride. The Vegetable glycerine and propyl glycol proportion are just marvelous, that is 70:30, and what comes as a boost is the 5.5% of nicotine strength that is slightly higher than what you get in other disposables. So, those who require some extra nic shot through vaping can get their desires met by trying this unit. Here are the flavors of Pod 5500 with short descriptions for your palates to feel the delicious bliss-

  • The Mighty Sapphire of Mint-  Authentic extract from mint leaves.
  • Strawberry and Kiwi- Kiwis and Strawberries balance the tarty and sweet tastes.
  • Marshmallow- Mellow down with the candy taste of marshmallows.
  • It’s Hawaiian- Flavor blend of the best of the fruits of the tropics.
  • Fuji Apple-Glacier Fuji Apple- Apple, menthol, and mint blended to make you comfortable with their refreshing taste.
  • Frozen Strawberry and Guava- Guavas and Strawberry juice served on a mint taste.
  • It’s Aloe Grape- Peculiar Aloe vera’s sweetness clubbed with grape juice.
  • Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream-The mixture of taste of Cookies and Vanilla Ice-cream.
  • Blue Razz Chilled- Blueberries, raspberries with a hint of mint.
  • Chew Blue Razz- Similar to the above taste but mint replaced with bubblegum taste.
  • Pod Energy- For those who have hearts on the taste of energy drinks like the Red Bull.
  • Snow Cone with Strawberry Filling- Get the strawberry softy taste with this vape taste.
  • The Arctic Lush- Get ready for some luscious freezer. Dominated with menthol taste but with gentle undertones of fruits.
  • Peach Ice-Polar Beach-  Peaches with lots of mints.
  • A Blueberry Muffins- The name says it all. What’s better than hitting on a muffin while you puff.
  • Frosted Bananas- The awesome taste of ripe bananas.
  • Doughnut with  Glaze- Gladden your taste buds with the flavor of the doughnut.
  • Strawberry Gummy- Vaping on a bubblegum taste is the delight you need to try.
  • Chewy Glacier Grapes-  Another combo of three-in-one tastes. Chewing gums, menthol, and grapes. Just amazing!
  • Chew Blue Razz- Here’s yet one more chewy vibes while you vape with the taste of blueberries and raspberries.

Other Notable Features of Pod 5500 

This vape device is a beautiful vaping dose that you once taste will be hooked on forever. Apart from the ultimate taste options, it also has a pleasing design and all the ultra ergonomic features and chassis that give you a comfortable vaping adventure. This device works on an automatic firing mechanism powered on a 600mAh battery. It also gives vapers the freedom to adjust the flow and size of their nic-draws by adjusting the button featured on this unit. Also, there is an impressive light that brightens up with every puff you pull. 

Order Pod 5500  Now!

This vape is a thumbs up for the flavors, design, and the portable-use. You can nail effortless vaping moments by having Pod 5500 in your pockets. The handy usage it gives is just what a traveling freak or always-on-the-go vaper would want. Just make sure that you vape wisely and within the expiration period. Also, order only from renowned stores like 

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