The Amazing Facts About ELF BAR & ELF BAR BC5000

The Amazing Facts About ELF BAR & ELF BAR BC5000

Vape is an electronic device that works by heating an e-liquid so you inhale it into your lungs and exhale nicotine puffs. It includes other particles, too, but they have the least chemicals, mostly filled with natural substances. Compared to traditional cigarettes, these are the least harmful option because of how they are designed.  

You breathe vape liquid particles from the mouthpiece, which go down from your throat to your lungs. It is affordable too. 

From 2018 until now, Elf Bar has been working to improve its cutting-edge products with a compact heating system. The need they gave discovered by providing a safe and natural-based taste of vaping, which is flourishing yearly. 

Its motto is " safer and better " After doing thousand of trials, they have found this fantastic method to make its products with pure and yummiest taste, with stunning design, and did not forget to include the most important thing least harmful materials in it so they can provide their products to customers which will meet their demands perfectly. 

The Product Description of Elf Bar BC5000 

One of the most cutting-edge, powerful,, and highly capable disposable available in the market is the Elf Bar BC5000. There are so many lip-smacking flavors available which will make give you a dilemma about which one to choose or maybe get them all. Still, surely any vaper will easily find their favorite flavor or will surely discover theirs.

 It is slender and lightweight to hold and can easily fit any pocket, making it travel-friendly. Its powerful mesh coil gives equal distribution to heat, so it can spread equally and effectively. A rechargeable 650mAh Battery runs that. 

It comes in 5% nicotine concentration strength, so vapers can enjoy puffing out more and bigger clouds. The e-juice has 13 ml, provides thousands of puffs up to at least 5000, and the price is reasonable and affordable considering how long the vape will make you buy the product immediately.  

Vapers will enjoy great flavor and steam production with every puff. The product has a quality Mouth to Lung draw, which hits your throat nicely.

The Vape is an eco-friendly device. It can be charged with a Type-c USB charging cable, which takes around an hour to fully charge. There is an indicator that shows or gives you a signal when the battery is full. 

How Do We Use it? 

  • Using the Elf Bar is super easy. All you have to do is take it out of its package and start puffing as you usually do, and you are done. As simple as that, but just don't do it too firmly, or you will drink e-liquid rather than inhaling it. 
  • Just go slow and deep with puffs to get big clouds. If the vape LED blinks while puffing, the battery is about to go down.
  • If you notice the decrease in flavors and vapors, it indicates that your vape is empty now, and you have to refill it or change the flavor if you want to.
  • If you notice the decrease in flavors and vapors, it indicates that your vape is empty now, and you have to refill it or change the flavor if you want to. 

The flavor ranges from drinks, fruits, candy, cocktails, mint, icy flavors, and even tobacco.  

Elf Bar has some of the best flavors, which are: 

  1. Mango Peach Apricot 

  2. Peach Mango Watermelon 

  3. Strawberry Ice 

  4. Mango Peach 

  5. Passion Fruit Orange Guava 

  6. Sour Candy

  7. Strawberry Mango 

  8. Malibu (Pineapple, peach, and orange with light menthol) 

  9. Summer Time (Strawberry Kiwi & Freshly Squeezed Lemonade),

  10. Tropical Rainbow Blast

  11. Strawberry Kiwi 

  12. Strawberry Cream 

  13. Strawberry Banana 

  14. Sour Apple 

  15. Triple Berry Ice 

  16. Red Mojito 

  17. Gummy  

  18. Cranberry Grape 

  19. Peach Berry 

  20. Rainbow Clouds 

  21. Grape Energy 

  22. Honeydew Pineapple Orange 

  23. Strawberry Watermelon 

  24. Strawberry Pina Colada 

  25. Watermelon Ice 

  26. Watermelon Nana 

  27. Watermelon Blue Razz Ice 

  28. Blue Razz Lemonade 

  29. Mint Tobacco 

  30. Blue Razz Ice 

  31. Lemon Mint 

  32. Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew 

  33. Strazz (Strawberry Base with a hint of Raspberry)

  34. Clear 

  35. Sakura Grape 

  36. Peach Ice 

  37. Kiwi Passionfruit Guava 

  38. Rainbow Candy 

  39. Watermelon Bubble Gum 

  40. Cuban Cigar 

  41. Mandarin Lime 

  42. Miami Mint 

Some of the most loved and purchased flavors are:

  • Cranberry Grape: The taste of cranberry, the sour taste of grapes, and menthol give the flavors a refreshing touch.
  • Blue Razz Ice: This Blue Razz Ice is a legendary flavor of Elf. It is a combo of menthol, raspberry, and blueberry. This flavor gives a tangy, sweet, and tart taste, a classic flavor loved by every vaper. 
  • Watermelon Cantaloupe Honeydew: Who doesn't love watermelons in every season, but especially in summer. With Cantaloupe and a dash of honeydew, these flavors taste heavenly with every hit. 
  • Strawberry Kiwi: The combo of two most loved berries worldwide, strawberry and kiwi. With this combo, no one will be able to stop their craving for this product. It is also one of the most popular summer flavors. 
  • Rainbow Candy: Rainbow Candy is a collection of yummy candies and fruits like raspberry, lemons, oranges, grapes, and green apples. This one is for people with a sweet tooth or those who simply love candies. 
  • Apple Peach: A sweet and sour combo, one of the most loved flavors, comes with apples and peaches. It has a perfect balance of both flavors and will leave your palate nothing with just satisfaction.  
  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava: A unique trio of Tropical guava, kiwi, and Brazilian passionfruit gives you the best fruity sour taste. 


The Elf Bar BC5000 is a perfect option if you are looking for affordable products with high-quality performance, compact size, rechargeability, and a wide range of flavors that will leave you and your taste buds satisfied always. It is an excellent option for beginners and veteran vapers. With all of these mentioned above, no wonder it is a favorite vape option among vapers. Overall it is a great and convenient product. You must order amazing disposable tools; Elf Bar and Elf Bar BC5000 is the best tool. It has incredible flavors that will mesmerize you and keep you in the fun zone. So, don’t delay and just order now. 

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