Taste The Perfectly Crafted Custard Monster Vanilla

Taste The Perfectly Crafted Custard Monster Vanilla

One of the premium vape juices, Custard Monster Vanilla by Jam Monster is truly a winner. Flavour this rich that creates a dessert-vape vortex that you will never want to escape. The Custard Monster Vanilla is a delightful sweet custard vanilla cream vape that delivers the delectable warm custard in addition to subtle notes of vanilla. Comes in handy in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg salt nicotine options to choose from.

It has a lovely butter vanilla cakey taste topped with a good amount of fresh strawberries and warm custard with each inhale. This is indeed the definition of velvety smooth fruits and cream. Truly a cream lovers dream.  Just by taking a whiff, you know it’s going to be a kick-ass vape already. This vape juice hits the spot for those wanting to try cream-based e-liquid.

No matter the weather, the Custard Monster Vanilla is the all-season vape that will have your palate covered. Choose from the salt nicotine selection of flavours to refresh and satisfy all of your cravings. 

An Explosion Of Warm Custard

How about starting the weekend with a delicious taste of nostalgia from Jam Monster Custard Vanilla. A wonderful mixture of dessert flavours and with the holiday season just around the corner, Jam Monster had been hard at work to make sure that the upcoming festivities are met with the delicious taste of custard.

Keep the clouds coming with this delicious flavour made with the same love and care given by Jam Monster herself. So, treat yourself today with this popular vape juice. Taste just like a mug of Irish cream. 

This line is very healthier than other juices on the market since the good quality VG/PG ratio that is 70 and 30 respectively, means replacing other vape juices for a better taste. Imagine the warm cream taken from the bowl of custard and further added to thick vanilla cream.

You have your indulgence in an e-liquid that is ready to vape and has the power to increase the capacity of a specific device. This warm custard e-liquid is free from tons of calories and so ideal if you want a treat without counting the calories. 

Why is Custard Monster Vanilla So Popular Among Vapers?

A creamy vanilla, custard vape that will want you coming back for more, a winning combination. The Custard Monster Vanilla will definitely help you quit smoking and make a switch from tobacco by providing this perfect possible alternative.

With 3 versions of nicotine strength to choose from - 0mg, 3mg and 6mg, this custard vanilla will twist your taste buds in all directions. Each drag will give you a fresh dose of vanilla with an exciting flavour of custard. The layers of this e-liquid are well-balanced and each drag comes through perfectly. 

 Get this cute-looking custard vanilla bottle from a genuine and reliable buyer that offers 100% authenticity, this is one of the amazing flavours offered by Jam Monster. So, what are you thinking about, get it now!

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