Taste The Goodness Of Freshly Baked Pudding In A Vape

Taste The Goodness Of Freshly Baked Pudding In A Vape

Air Bar Max with 2000 puffs is an ultimate disposable pod that comes with a vape juice of 6.5ml and in-built power battery of 1250mAh. The nicotine strength of 5% goes perfectly with your daily nicotine needs. Its automated firing mechanism allows you to vape instantly after screwing into your mouth. 

Comes in 17 exotic flavors, this pod has everything for both dessert lovers and tropical juice lovers. Doesn’t leak or overheat and is perfect to carry all-day in your pockets. Eliminates the fuss of maintenance and refilling, just dispose of and order a new one in other creamy or juicy flavours. 

What is the taste of Pudding Air Bar Max Like?

Sweet, cloud and divine, Pudding by Air Bar Lux is crafted for those who love exquisite dessert taste finished with a dollop of whip cream. It’s a burst of freshly baked pudding in your mouth with every inhale leaving you guessing what is coming next. 

When morning calls for a delicious pudding flavour, you are in the right for this one. If you are living in frosty weather, this pod might be just what’s needed for that warming feeling from an e-juice. 

This flavour is unlike any other flavour out there and will definitely perk your throat up. It resembles a sweet blend of ice cream and cake. An ideal flavour for all the dessert lovers out there. 

Pudding VS Lemon Shake, Which Is Better?

While pudding delivers a perfect bakery taste, lemon shake delivers a taste full of lemon goodness and sorbet. Both the flavors are originated from the one-and-only Air Bar Max and provides satisfaction to maximum. Imagine slaying 2000 puffs of your favorite dessert and snacking the whole day without even adding extra calories. 

If every bit of Pudding flavor tastes like from grandma's kitchen then Lemon Shake has the taste of mothers’ hand. The taste keeps on getting more refreshing after each puff. The taste remains consistent for hours and will crave you for even more. 

Other Air Bar Max Flavors 

Every flavor of Air Bar Max is blended to perfection. Delivers satisfaction like nothing else. Some of the hot-selling flavors include Sakura Grape, Shake Shake, Holly, Red Mojito, ALLPS, Berry Shake, Melon Shake, Peach Mango, Blueberry Blackcurrant and the list goes on. 

This unique range of tropical flavors is crafted with excellence and are suitable for all types of vapers. Some vapers prefer tasting the deliciousness of desserts while some like it icy with fruits and menthol. They are portable and extremely light to carry in your pockets. 

Dessert Lovers Rejoice!

If you like your vape to be creamy and delicious, Pudding by Air Bar Max is what you must try. This luscious dessert disposable is jam packed with fluff of freshly baked bread topped with whipped cream. This will fill your mouth with deliciousness and the aroma will definitely make you feel nostalgic. Grab it now and feel some rich, sweet vibes all-day long.

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