Take Vaping to A Whole New Level with The Voopoo Argus GT

Take Vaping to A Whole New Level with The Voopoo Argus GT


The Voopoo Argus GT is made to allow you the best vaping experience possible. Don't settle for a product that barely lasts 10 minutes! With up to 50 watts of power, this device will keep going for hours without any issues whatsoever. And with precise control over your output levels, it's easy to explore different flavours and types of vape juices. Plus, because we know safety is key when it comes to e-cigarettes, that's why we used 18650 batteries inside - known as being some of the safest on the market. An ergonomic design also means longer vape sessions are all but guaranteed with this tiny machine in hand! 

The finely built device lets you adjust the power range for longer and stronger vaping sessions with its smart automatic features. Not only that, but it's portable, sleek, beautifully crafted—and ready when you are.

Top Highlights Argus GT

- You no longer have to worry about battery life with this Voopoo Argus GT. The adjustable power output ranges from 7 watts up to 150 watts, giving you a long vaping experience! 

- This device's high power delivers super dense clouds and above-average heat production.

- Its portable and durable design makes it the perfect travel companion. Check out those other great features below: 

-Conducting wicking atomizers allows you to vape flavorful liquids quickly

-2A quick charge function that can recharge 3.7V in about an hour so you never have to get stuck at home again waiting on your vaporizer to charge before going out or travelling.

Voopoo Argus GT Design 

Designed with a tough stainless steel exterior and Acrylic polymer protective frame, you can have all of your favourite devices at the ready! Take this beauty wherever you go due to its lightweight and pocket-friendly design. Perfect for use when you are out on the town or attending that last-minute meeting. Ain't nothin' gonna grow between those fingers while sporting this bad boy.

Finally, a vape is a perfect alternative to your lighter. Made from stainless steel and PCTG material, this handy vape will fit in any of your pockets. It also has a dynamic design which gives it the ultimate toughness to withstand high temperature while being lightweight so you can hold onto these Voopoo as longs as you please without having to worry about getting tired too quickly!

The sturdy and lightweight design means you'll barely notice the Argus GT in your pocket, no matter what you're wearing. With its design, it's capable of handling high temperatures as well as day-to-day wear and tear for long periods of time.

Argus GT Performance

When you think about the perfect vape, comfort isn't the only thing that comes to mind. When it's time to put down your trusty old lighter and make the switch, don't forget yourself this sleek beauty we call Argus GT. With safety at its forefront with 8 layers of protection from everything from low voltage misfires up to 6 volts electrical shock or over-heating with a max temp of 240 C degrees (392 F), not even venturing out into areas near lava pools will stop our rugged little guy short on cooling which means never having to worry about things like condensation on our end caps due to needing room for breathable air circulation because it'll tell you when it needs a break. 

Get ready for the most innovative and comfortable product on the market with Voopoo Argus GT. This futuristic device has built-in temperature control that can be adjusted to your preferences, while also including enhanced airflow settings for a more enjoyable vaping experience. With 8 safety protections in place, you can enjoy this timepiece worry-free!

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