Take The Vaping Pleasure With 11 Flavorful Vape Shots Of Titan 3500

Take The Vaping Pleasure With 11 Flavorful Vape Shots Of Titan 3500

The chief feature out of others that have boomed vaping over smoking is the range of flavors that it provides the puff lovers to engage with. Along with the strong nicotine needs that these diverse vape units are capable of satisfying, what entices the most is the lusciousness of different tastes that have been created to simultaneously pamper your taste buds. Here, we will give you an in-detail review of the 11 scrumptious flavors of Titan 3500 disposable vape that make your vaping happening!

WARNING: We do not condone extensive vaping. This article is not for adults below 21+ adults. Nicotine is addictive and hazardous!


Tastes are all about the right measurement mixing. An inch of incorrect proportion imbalances the flavor, making it taste dull. This vape unit is beautifully concocted with the VG/PG blend of 70:30 and contains an enjoyable nicotine level of 6% to the total quantity of vape juice present in each device. The flavorings are set according to the taste you pick up, now go on a ride to the vape savory…

Arctic Mint- This e-juice is definite to match a summer day's needs. As the name suggests it has been prepared from the extract of mint leaves that is as cool as ice.

Banana Berry- Berries and Bananas are amalgamated finely to give the vapers the most pleasant flavor. The nicotine clouds with this flavor are creamy and fruity to the core.

Blue Razz Blizzard- Toss your heads with some blue raspberries explosion that comes out with nice notes of fruits effortlessly.

Frozen Banana- A menthol twist to the traditional banana taste will captivate your taste buds with the frozen creaminess.

Blue Peach Razz- Ripe peaches and juicy raspberries are uniquely fused in to make your vaping a relaxing ride!

Purple Watermelon- Set yourself to the playful taste of watermelon draped in the richness of grapes. It's juicy as heaven and hits with a bang!

Strawberry Cotton Clouds- Who would say no to the fair vibes. Relish your vaping moment by traveling to a carnival treat with these utterly delicious flavors of cotton candy and strawberry juice. Perfect to deal with mid-day anxieties and stress.

Strawberry Lush- Need some juicy sugary hits with all the fruity lusciousness? Here's your vaping catch! Strawberries, Watermelons along the coolness of menthol. This combination will take you on a mountain trip!

Strawberry Mango Nectar- Go straight to the tropics to enjoy some vaping fun with the sweet and tarty delish of mangoes and strawberries.

Strawberry Sour Apple- Another shot of Strawberries but with different fruit to give the effect of sourness. Sour Apple makes it succulent for people who want to vape with a hint of unripe apple juice!

Frozen Lush- Enjoy the watermelon base to settle down your frozen watermelon cravings. Destressing with this vape flavor feels amazing on all the inhales and exhales.

Try all and define your vape match! Also, do share the experience with us!

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