Switch to Disposable Vape with Flum Pebble

Switch to Disposable Vape with Flum Pebble

Are you looking to pull up the finest cloud hits with a vaping gadget that works on an activated firing mechanism? Well, who doesn’t wish to have a ready-made cloud hits just like a cigarette? While disposable vapes have added superb comfort for all the puffers, they are much appreciated for their awesome flavor range. In the same line of thought, Flum Pebble Disposable Vape has outshined as an interesting vape gadget that beautifully settles all the vaping desires with its robust performance and fascinating e-liquid concoction. Here is why we suggest all the newbies, as well as experienced puffers who are interested in throwaway vapes, give this a try…

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

The Notable Leads Not To Miss

Before we jump any further, let us first have a quick look at its major specifications as that builds the major foundation for any further discussion of its performance and flavors.

  • 6000 Impeccable Cloud hits
  • 5% nicotine concentration in salt form
  • 14ml e-liquid with 7 flavor variations
  • 600mAh battery (Pre-charged but needs recharging using a Type C cable)
  • Travel friendly. Can be carried in a pocket.
  • No messy refills and recoiling
  • Anti-leakage built with strong and safe battery
  • Functions of the Automated Firing Mechanism 

 The 7 Succulent E-juice Flavors of new Flum Vape Worth the Hype

Every vape gets its popularity majorly because of the vape juice quality it is capable of satisfying its consumers with. Here, Flum Pebble link is made from many ingredients suffused together. For instance, it has the correct proportion of vegetable glycerine and propyl glycol i.e. 70:30. This adds smoothness and sweetness to the vapors and thereby enhances the taste of the nicotine hits for good. Additionally, the nicotine is blended in the form of salt in the ratio so that every vaper gives 5% strength of the nicotine bang. This is half the concentration present in a conventional cigarette, yet gives an equal amount of throat hit contentment due to the mixing of other compounds. Pick your favorite flavor and coat your palates with the taste they relish the most while you vape.

Strawberry Coconut: An extraordinary blend of strawberry and coconut juices that will certainly keep you coming back for more. The nic hit with this taste dazzles your taste buds enough to make your mouth water and keep you coming back for ultimate vaping satisfaction.

Passion Kiwi: A luscious flavor experience brought out by one of the vaping industry’s most popular flavors. This combination of tastes creates the most exhilarating taste, taking the sales up by the storm.

Strawmelon Apple: A mixture that combines one of the in-demand fruit juices. By mixing the juices of strawberries, melon, and apple; the taste that is created is divine when it comes to vaping. There is no way you are going to reject this e-juice flavor.

 Luscious Watermelon: A bold flavor of Watermelon juice gets you closer to the most authentic vaping session that you must have ever had. It is serene from the first draw until the last and many vapers sort their vaping needs with this one.

Berry Melon Icy: Berries and Melons when blended bring out the most mouthwatering flavored cloud hits. Moreover, the subtle after-vibes of cool menthol that are left behind are something that deserves appreciation.

Blueberry Mint: Are you a fan of blueberries? This vape juice allows you to enjoy the wonderful blueberry-flavored cloud hits with the frozen vibes of authentic mint juice.

Spearmint: The vaping chill thrills that you get from the spearmint flavor is beyond the ordinary standards of e-liquids. Get yourself unforgettable cloud hits that’ll for sure keep you coming back!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does a single Flum Pebble last?

Every unit of this disposable vape can give around 6000 puffs which can be used 2 years from the day of its manufacturing. This means that a vaper can utilize these 6000 puffs either in a day or vape intermittently until the device expires. Therefore, its lasting capacity varies from vaper to vaper as per their style of vaping. It is recommended to vape wisely and not finish the entire Puff Count in a day or three.

2. Is there a possibility of interrupting cloud hits with Pebble Vape?

Just like its corresponding vapes, Flum Float and Flum GIO, this one (if bought original and conserved under room temperature) won’t give any distracted airflow. It is known for a rich delivery of throat hits that is highly impressive. Thanks to its robust battery and chassis. 

3. How Do I Know if my vape is Real?

Selecting an authentic vape sometimes becomes a tedious task as the competition of suppliers is immense. To attract buyers, cheaper prices are flashed. Fake products can put your health at high risk. To avoid this, you can verify your product by using the code which comes covered under a peel visible on every Flum Pebble Disposable Vape link . Just peel off the label and scan the code that is visible using your mobile. Or else, straightaway order from vaporboss.com; an online vape store that stands true to selling genuine vape products and accessories. So, you can order online from this online portal as well.

Summing Up

Isn’t it better to own a vaping gadget that gives a comforting vape time by providing ultimate vaping satisfaction without having minimum handling? This vape is one of the most extravagant vape units which has gained applause for its invincible ergonomics, flavors, and design. There is no way that you are going to fall out of love with this e-cig. Try now and share the e-juice flavor that appealed to you the most. Also, other queries can be addressed in the comment box.

 Note: The packing does not include the Type C cable that is required to recharge it.

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