Stick To Intense Vapor Production With Smok Nord Coils

Stick To Intense Vapor Production With Smok Nord Coils

Smok Nord coils are designed to fit your Smok products like a glove, using the best materials and advanced coil technology! These replacement atomizers not only look amazing but offer huge clouds with deep flavor. Your vape can't go wrong with these, so be sure you pick up some to keep messing around with your unit!  There's no denying these Nord coils are the best of the bunch. These durable, rebuildable, high-performance coils help to create e-liquids for any vape.


Smok Nord Coils are high-quality replacement coils that come in three unique variations. The Nord Dual Core has parallel stainless steel screws, the Nordic Quad Core features five parallel diameter tubes with silver plated copper wire, and finally the Nordic Octuple is constructed of eight parallel diameter tubes with gold plated Kanthal coil.

Smok Nord Coils Are Installed To Perfection!

Now with Nord coils providing better flavor and vapor production, Smok continues to stretch the limits of vape technology. Made to perform with any modern tank design, these long-lasting litz cotton wicks will satisfy even the most discerning vaper.These dynamic atomizers feature a space-saving design that takes advantage of alternative material structures to give you more flavor, performance, and durability.

(Note: These coils can also work with any Smok Nord model, including larger RTAs like the Asgard 2 and Astoria 3 plus models that use tank attachments, including Athos 2 or Omega Gamma). With a huge range of wire gauges available in different resistances, they suit most vapers' needs.

Featuring a dynamic atomizer structure, you'll get all the performance that you want without sacrificing on flavor or vapor production. Designed specifically for use in popular tanks alike, this is one coil that's sure to always satisfactorily meet your needs. No complaints, no issues. Get yourself one of these snug coils and say goodbye to nasty flavors with your portable vape! 

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At the core of every single hit, is a coil. It's no surprise then, that when you have been vaping for a while and can dedicate more time to getting nerdy with your setup, coils become an important topic. The Smok Nord Coils offer great flavor but still last long enough in order to not waste any enjoyment from your vape. 

Smok created the Nord coil and now they want to sell them for you! With these amazing coils, we're betting Smok will own the market in no time.  Not only is this an innovative product with up to four times more lifespan than other brands, but it turns out that what seems like a lifetime of vaping ends up saving smokers money as well as getting their mouths on cloud nine instead of cancer sticks.

Another huge plus is that those lucky enough to be able to pursue the habit legally can now use one of these coils without any fear of complications from doing so. Head towards Vapor Boss, which is a one-stop solution to all your vaping essentials. 

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