Some Crucial Facts You Need To Know About E- juice

Some Crucial Facts You Need To Know About E- juice

An electronic cigarette contains e-juice to generate vapor and flavour. Because e-juice is the key ingredient in electronic cigarettes, VaporBoss believes that it is essential for customers to comprehend the negative health impacts of using them. This education must start with them. We hope that this post may clarify some of the concerns people have about the safety of e-composition liquid.

The basic components of e-juice are vegetable glycerin, nicotine liquid, propylene glycol & flavourings. The full list of e-ingredients juices is listed below.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Oils and fats are used to produce organic oxidant glycerin, which is composed of carbon, hydrogen, & oxygen. It's found in a wide range of pharmaceutical items, including cough medicines, detergents, skincare goods, & plant extracts. All other types of glycerin are chemically comparable to vegetable glycerin, which gets its title due to the fact that it is made from plant oils.

What role does VG play in e-juice?

VG is mostly utilised as a dilutive in the realm of e-cigarettes, which means it dilutes the two primary ingredients of nicotine and flavour. It serves as a transporter as well, dispersing the taste uniformly. As VG ages, flavours tend to get more intense.

How does VG impact the way I vape? 

When compared to juice prepared with propylene glycol, juice with a high VG level offers a softer, smoother throat impact. Much more vapour is produced by VG than PG. A higher VG percentage might improve the richness of the inhale because VG also has a small sweetness to it.

At the precise same time, VG can weaken or somewhat muffle a juice's distinctive flavour. With a higher-VG juice, for instance, you could detect a strawberry flavour that is less noticeable. Many vapers find that this flavor-reduction impact is insignificant and that the advantages of using more VG outweigh it. The softer flavour and greater vapour production of aged, high-VG juices are typically preferred by vapers who drip their juices and utilise more sophisticated rebuildable atomizers.


Tobacco leaves are used to make nicotine liquid, which is capable of being left unflavored and given additional flavouring to taste more like the tobacco plant from which it was formed.

Does nicotine change the way that I vape?

A juice's throat impact and nicotine buzz both grow with its nicotine level. When defining the nicotine concentration in an e-juice, vendors frequently use the term "milligrammes per millilitre," thus if you buy "18 nic" and "18mg," there seems to be 18 mg of nicotine in every ml of e-juice. In e-juice, nicotine is present in quantities ranging from 0 mg to 36 mg, sometimes in increments of 3 mg. It's a prevalent belief that 18mg/ml contains as much nicotine as a typical tobacco cigarette.


The natural or synthetic tastes included in a carrier liquid that give e-liquid its flavour and aroma are known as flavourings. Some tastes are taken naturally from the source, while others imitate flavours like "peanut butter cup" or "jolly rancher" using esters and other substances. The two most popular carrier liquids used in flavourings are PG and ethyl alcohol. These ingredients are all GRAS, or generally acknowledged as safe, by the FDA.

Are e-liquids reliable? Investigating the Impact of E-Juice on Health

These days, the statement "we just don't know yet" regarding the health implications of e-juice vapour is a typical one in any discussion of vaping. This is not totally true, since several studies have revealed some of the substances we inhale when using an electronic cigarette. The typical health issues with Ejuice are listed here, along with brief explanations of each.


Is it dangerous? As nicotine is the chemical most frequently linked to cigarettes, many people believe it to be carcinogenic or dangerous in other ways. While being physically addicting, nicotine is not thought to be carcinogenic.

One may overdose. It would be quite challenging to vape your way towards a nicotine overdose. To overdose, a person would need to take 500 mg or more of nicotine, which would effectively mean drinking or accidentally pouring nicotine liquid on your skin and not wiping it off. 

These findings do suggest that vaping isn't always a completely secure habit. However it is undeniably known that cigarettes contain more than 70 carcinogens in deadly quantities. At this point in time, all studies demonstrate that the potentially dangerous components contained in e-cigarette vapour are not present in harmful quantities. 

Wrapping It Up

It currently seems likely that vaping e-juice is far safer than smoking tobacco. That is all there is to it: That is what we presently know about the contents of your ejuice and how it might affect you. Now that we have that taken care of, VaporBoss has different kinds of e-juice ready; one of them will undoubtedly be your go-to taste. Come look for it!

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