Some Amazing Facts About Vape Drip Tip | VaporBoss

Some Amazing Facts About Vape Drip Tip | VaporBoss

The drip tip serves as a more convenient alternative to the e-cigarette cartridge or cartomizer. In essence, it's a disposable hollow tube which fits into the atomizer & enables e-liquid dripping. This eliminates the need for cartridges while also providing a far more tasty vaping experience.


The drip tip, often referred to as a mouthpiece, is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and may be made of different substances, including stainless steel, metal, plastic, or ceramic. The temperature of the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette is significantly influenced by the material used to construct a drip tip and its length. Steel drip tips, for example, cool the vapour as it flows through them, while lengthy plastic drip tips, due to the distance it travels to reach the mouth, are also known to give colder vapour.

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Dripping refers to the practice of pouring e-liquid straightforwardly onto the e-cigarette atomizer rather than utilizing cartomizers, clearomizers, or cartridges. Intermediate & expert e-cigarette users who want a little more flavour from their e-liquids sometimes utilize dripping. Dripping is considered something of a pain by most beginners and casual vapers since you have to continually drip juice into the atomizer to keep its wick nice & wet.

A drip tip may be rather messy even if it pulls out the full flavour of an e-liquid. Since there is nothing keeping the juice in place, such as the filling substance in cartomizers, it frequently leaks out of the atomizer. A drip shield might come in help in this situation. This little device is intended to catch any leaks, letting people vape and making a mess.

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Dripping takes some time to master, but most expert vapers swear by it. You must understand how much e-liquids vapes to add in order to avoid the atmomizer drying up and burning the wicks, as well as when to stop to avoid the juice spilling.

How Should a Drip Tip Be Used?

Using a vape drip tip, as opposed to traditional dripping, is surprisingly simple. Just lay the drip tip over the atomizer. This makes a direct connection between the mouthpiece and the cotton wick in your coil.

Then, drip a little quantity of e-liquid into the aperture, being careful not to oversaturate the coil. This is likely the most difficult, if not the only, part of drip tips.

Since you can't tell how soaked the wick is, dripping becomes a guessing game. If you use too little e-juice, the wick will burn, resulting in an unpleasant dry hit and a destroyed coil. Yet, too much liquid results in a clumsy overflow.

You should also think about the coil you're utilizing. Coils can vary in thickness and design even within the same brand and model. This influences the number of drips required, the volume of liquid required, and the pace of saturation.

The best part is that if you persist with it, you'll ultimately figure out the proper balance (by trial and error), making it practically second nature.

Maintaining Your Drip Tip

Drip tips are surprisingly simple to clean because they are merely discrete pieces of material. This is advantageous since cleaning them is a must. Almost everything that hits the drip tip leaves a tiny bit of itself behind. The tiny mouthpiece may theoretically come into contact with anything, including skin, food particles, extra e-liquid, dust, and lint.

The best course of action is to regularly clean. Just wash the item in warm water, pat it dry with a cloth, or let it air dry. A lot of that grime could adhere to the drip tip if you tend to put things off. In this situation, a little isopropyl alcohol combined with a thorough washing in warm water does wonders to remove the superfluous accumulation.

Both positive and negative aspects

There is no optimal vaping method. To avoid making a poor choice, it's crucial to understand what makes drip tips outstanding and where they fall short.


There are several wonderful benefits to utilizing a drip tip. It's much simpler than typical dripping, yet somewhat more difficult than traditional vaping.

Also extremely affordable are drip tips. Here, a few bucks are at stake. Contrast that with an RDA, which can easily cost you $50 or more when you include the price of cotton.

Talking of cotton, using traditional RDAs necessitates manually wicking, which is a hassle in and of itself. Just swap the coils in your atomizer as usual because drip tips function with the present coils.

A drip tip offers a whole different sensation. One benefit is that it unquestionably enhances the flavour of your e-liquid. Cloud chasers will especially like these small accessories since it also produces a significant amount of vapour.

Another benefit of vape drip tips is that you can rapidly swap between flavours. Just drip in a different liquid once you've vaped through the juice in your coils, and you're ready to go. Even though there may still be some flavour ghosting, it won't be nearly as noticeable as what happens when you use a regular tank.


Let's take a look at the reasons why some individuals might not like vape drip tips.

Drip tips are inconvenient, to start. You need to monitor how much e-juice you are feeding them because they don't utilize a tank. That can be irritating because this typically occurs after just a few pulls.

Really, vapers who want lengthy sessions and don't care too much about sticking with the same flavour don't require a drip tip.

Drip tips may also be rather messy, especially if you're a beginner and haven't yet discovered the ideal e-liquid to coil ratio.

On the other hand, if you don't drip enough, it's just as simple to fry a perfectly nice coil.

Considerations for selecting a vape drip tip.

While selecting a vape drip tip, there are a few things to take into account. Consider your vaping equipment and the way the drip tip will fit before anything else. There should be a few alternatives available to you that will suit your device because vape drip tips are frequently supplied in a number of sizes. You could also want to think about how flavorful and recent your vapour is. A vape drip tip with a mesh or perforated design, for instance, will keep your vapour cold and fresh if you're smoking e-liquids. You should also think about the drip tip's appearance and design. Although they're not the most crucial aspect, they certainly contribute to making your vaping experience more enjoyable.

You may select from a range of designs, shapes, and materials depending on the kind of your device and your own preferences. The materials used in silicone & plastic drip tips are more resilient and simple to clean, but they can also be less pleasant than silicone drip tips. The more solid-looking, stiff acrylic drip tips, on the other hand, are more supple and long-lasting.

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