Smok Nord Coils: Significant Things You Need to Know

Smok Nord Coils: Significant Things You Need to Know

For the last several weeks, you've been enjoying your new vaporizer, which you bought from a local retailer. However, you're beginning to realize that your hits have a nasty, burned flavor to them. This is most certainly not what you had in mind when you bought your delicious e-juice. So, what exactly is going on? The answer (and, fortunately, the remedy) is straightforward. It is necessary to replace your vape Smok Nord Coils!


Change your vape coils at the appropriate times

According to vapers, the coils of a vape should be changed every 1-2 weeks on average. Based on your vape wattage, how often you hit, and even the kind of e-liquid you are using, you may expect your coil replacement interval to be different. However, replacing the coil is very easy and does not take much time.

Changing the Coil on Your Vape

  • Exposed the coil in the first step

Removing the tank from the body of the vape allows you to see the coil located in the middle of the device. Next, carefully pry off the top section of the tank from the bottom to open it up and reveal the coil. This is best to accomplish when the tank is completely dry, but you can use a paper towel to keep the mess to a minimum and prevent getting juice on your hands as well.

  • Drain the tank of its contents.

Even if you have juice left in your tank, you should empty it into a garbage can right away. Replace the coil with as little old juice as possible in the tank since this is the recommended practice when changing coils. You may as well use this opportunity to clean your tank and drip tip while you're at it!

  • Unscrew the coil from the holder

The coil, commonly known as an "atomizer head," is the metal and cotton component located in the middle of the tank. In certain cases, this may be connected to the top or bottom section of your tank, depending on your particular gadget. Counter-clockwise turn the coil until it pops out completely. By rubbing your hands together with a piece of paper towel, you may keep your hands clean and avoid slippage while gripping the coil. Then you're done! Installation and priming of your new coil have already been completed successfully.

Avoid Dry Hits on your Smok Nord.

Once the SMOK Nord coil has been primed, it should be inserted into the top cap of the device. It is important to check that it has a white line at the bottom that points toward both the front and rear of the device (not to the sides). In this way, you can be certain that your coil is properly placed and that it will wick properly.

Adding some E Juice is now necessary. Fill her up by unplugging the rubber stopper, which is situated on the right-hand side of the top piece. The device should be allowed to rest upright for 4-9 minutes at this point. As a result, the E Juice will absorb into the cotton and prevent dry hits from occurring.

Exactly why are you being held up? This is simple: if you take a drag right immediately and any of the cotton within the coil is dry, it will burn, and you will have effectively destroyed your coil.


A wonderful gadget with very easy operation, the SMOK Nord is a must-have for vaping enthusiasts. In addition to having a fantastic battery life, particularly when using its MTL coils, it also has a fantastic taste (with both styles of coils). Aside from that, the SMOK Nord Coils are an excellent value for money.

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