SMOK Nord Coils Importance In The Vaping Industry: Detailed Review

Explore the pivotal role of SMOK Nord Coils in the vaping industry in our comprehensive review. Discover their design, performance, and impact on enhancing the vaping experience.
SMOK Nord Coils

Since its release, the SMOK Nord coils link, a tiny pod-style vape, has attracted a lot of attention. It has a large 1100mAh battery and interchangeable pods that can carry up to 3ml of e-liquid. It has two coils: a 0.6-ohm mesh coil for DTL and a 1.4-ohm coil for MTL and vaping nicotine salts. It comes in a staggering 14 distinct colors and patterns and is triggered by a single fire button on the front of the gadget.

On paper, the Nord replacement coil appears to have a lot going for it, but how good is it in reality? I'm going to investigate and provide all you need to know in this review. 

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Design & Build Quality 

The Smock Nord Replacement Coils link is a stylish gadget. The Nord is larger than other pod systems, but not by a great deal. Its larger size is justified by the fact that it has a sizable 1100mAh internal battery, nevertheless. I'll accept the trade-off of physical size for battery life any day; this is larger than the majority of other pod vapes on the market and should have considerably longer battery life.

The Nord is available in more than a dozen colors, all of which are exquisite and one-of-a-kind. There are full-resin color possibilities as well as snake-skin diamond pattern colors, with the latter being my personal favorites. The Nord feels sturdy in the hand since it is heavy enough. It's not too heavy, though, since I put it in my pocket a few times before entirely forgetting about it. This makes it a useful tool to bring along when you're attempting to minimize bulk and stuff.

One thing to remember is to always switch off the Nord before placing it in your pocket or bag. It's simple to press the firing button, and I've had it go off in my pocket more than once. Don't say I didn't warn you; if you're not careful, you'll have a burned coil before it has even reached the end of its useful life.

What Does Nord Replacement Coil Offer?

A single removable pod that can carry up to 3ml of e-liquid is included with the Nord. This pod is reusable, in contrast to the bulk of other pod vapes, though. When your coils wear out, you just change the coil. The coils for the Nord simply push into the bottom of the pod. This implies that you can go a very long time on only one Nord pod.

The top of the pod, which serves as the mouthpiece, is made of black plastic and is transparent at the bottom. The mouthpiece is incredibly pleasant to use and resembles a duck's bill in certain ways. There is no click-or-catch system; the pod just enters into the gadget, yet it fits in quite tightly. 

The Nord Coils link come with two coils: a 1.4ohm normal kanthal coil and a 0.6ohm mesh coil. The 1.4ohm coil is for mouth-to-lung usage and gives a little tighter but still airy draw, whilst the 0.6ohm coil is designed for direct-to-lung vaping and will provide an airy draw. Since the Nord probably doesn't have the tight of a draw that the majority of MTL vapers are looking for, I don't believe I would really recommend it to someone who is only into MTL.

Regular e-juices performed well with the 0.6-ohm coil. I wouldn't recommend using it with nic salts as it is a sub-ohm coil. Contrarily, the 1.4ohm MTL coil, which is designed exclusively for use with nicotine salts, performed admirably with mg levels up to 50mg. I had a pleasant vape with little throat impact. In the performance section, I'll go into greater detail on how these two coils performed.

The Verdict

I am really digging my SMOK Nord Coils. It delivers exactly what I would have hoped from it. Sure, you’re not going to get identical performance to their sub-ohm tanks, but it’s on the money, especially considering it’s only a compact pod system.

The loose draw isn’t going to satisfy strict MTL vapers, but using 35 mg nicotine salt, will quench your nicotine cravings quickly. If you enjoy a nice restrictive lung hit, then you are going to enjoy these 0.6-ohm mesh coils with your favorite freebase nicotine e-liquids, or even lower-strength salts.

This is a terrific all-in-one option if you're just starting off with vaping. The Nord is still a great option if you're an experienced vaper who only needs a little device that performs on par with a full-sized vape. Although I never considered myself an SMOK fanatic, I still use a few of their goods now, and this is one I will continue to use. To anybody searching for a cheap pod vape with good flavor and vapor production, I heartily suggest the SMOK Nord. How do you feel about the Nord? Post your comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Nord suitable for heavy vapers who don't want to constantly recharge?
  • Yes, the Nord is an excellent choice for heavy vapers who prefer longer periods between recharges, thanks to its large battery capacity.

  • How long can I expect to vape on a single charge with the SMOK Nord Coils?
  • With heavy usage, users can typically expect to vape for just over a day on a single charge with the Nord. This is a substantial improvement compared to many other pod vapes that often require more frequent recharging.

  • Can the Nord's battery life be compared to other pod vapes on the market?
  • The Nord's battery life is exceptional when compared to most other pod vapes, which typically have a battery capacity ranging from 300mAh to 700mAh.

  • Can I adjust the wattage output on the Nord replacement coil to further extend battery life?
  • Yes, Nord's ultra-low wattage output can be adjusted, allowing users to conserve battery power and extend their vaping sessions even further.

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