RabBeats RC10000: A Game-Changer Among Disposable Vapes

Indulge in the exquisite world of RabBeats RC10000 Flavors! Explore a myriad of delightful tastes crafted to perfection. Discover the essence of each flavor in this comprehensive guide.
RabBeats RC10000  Grape Ice

In the realm of disposable electronics, the RabBeats link is a novel gadget. It's a high-capacity, portable, rechargeable disposable with a clever LED display that shows the juice and battery levels. With a 620 mAh battery life, the RC10000 can hold 18 mL of 5% nic salt juice, which comes in 23 different flavors.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

The vape  seems to be identical to a variety of other disposables when viewed in paper. The product makes no novel or innovative promises at all. Why then is this my new throwaway fave? Allow me to explain.

Price: $14.99 (at Vapor Boss)

Flavors: Blackberry cranberry, blue razz ice, blueberry mint, cherry watermelon, crazy berry cherry, grape cherry, lemon lime, peach mango, pineapple strawberry banana, strawberry kiwi ice, blueberry cloudz, Miami mint, Fuji ice, grape ice, watermelon ice, strawberry ice.

Size, look, and feel

With a recognizable design, the RabBeats RC10000 link is a brand-new throwaway. It appears to be a modernized BC5000. Its tiny, smart LED screen is covered by a shimmering plastic front panel, and it comes in gradient hues with a rubberized covering.

In addition, the mouthpiece differs from the BC5000. The whistle-tip of the RC10000 is transparent, coloured, and glows subtly when you puff. It's subtle enough to avoid seeming garish.

The RC10000 weighs around 60 grams and has dimensions of 43 x 22 x 85 mm. I can keep it in my mouth while using my hands because it's lightweight and tiny enough. That from a throwaway always appeals to me, especially if it has a large e-liquid capacity.

Overall, I think the design and looks are good (especially when compared to many other disposables).

Getting started

An efficient little LED screen that shows you the battery and e-juice levels is included with the RabBeats RC10000. The juice indication is a circular meter that is divided into quarters, while the battery indicator is a straightforward meter shaped like a battery.

The RC10000 has not been altered. Once you take the package off, all you have to do is vape. Please take note that you could miss the plastic film covering the front panel. This can also be taken out.

Near the three tiny ventilation holes on the bottom of the smartphone is where you'll find the USB-C charging port. Verify that the battery is full by looking at the battery status indicator before taking your first puff. You're set if that's the case, as it should be.

How does it hit?

It's enjoyable to take a hit from the RabBeats RC10000 link . The device's mesh coil technology produces hits that are bright, delicious, and well-balanced. Though not at all a confined lung hit, the pull is smooth and a little looser than a rigid MTL.

The vapor that is created has a little throat impact and is delightfully warm. I'm not positive, but it appears like this is conventional nic salt rather than nicotine salts without tobacco, which I generally detest! Juice dripping from the tip, gurgling, dry hits, or any other problems have not occurred to me.

Best Flavors

A wide variety of unique and distinctive flavors are presented by the RabBeats Disposable Vape link . The majority of the RC10000 flavors taste like proprietary mixes, despite the fact that many of the flavors are found in other disposables. Even if the flavors can taste identical to those of other devices, the RC10000's performance offers just enough of a benefit to improve the flavor. My top five picks are as follows:

Peach Mango: The zesty creaminess of mangoes nicely balances the sweetness of luscious peaches in this flavor. Modest cooling.

Strawberry Ice: This flavor is excellent. It has a crisp strawberry flavor without the typical stink associated with "real" strawberries. It finishes with a chilly, cold vibe that isn't overbearing. Simple vape throughout the entire day.

Watermelon with cherries: This unusual combo is surprisingly delicious. A well-balanced vaping experience is produced by the acidity of the cherries contrasting with the sweet but delicate flavor of the watermelon.

Blue Razz Ice: Blue Razz Ice is a tart and sweet blue raspberry flavor that ends with an ice, chilly aftertaste.

Miami Mint: Out of all the mint flavors I've tasted, this one is the finest. It provides a revitalizing and novel vaping experience that makes you desire more. Imagine peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen with a hint of sweetness. Really nice!

How long do they last?

Thus far, it seems that the liquid meter with four stages loses around one level for every charge. I'm thinking that this will go on. It implies that you can get at least four charges out of a single RC10000. The most I have on one of my review devices is two charges (now it's down to 50% liquid), but I've exhausted them all at once.

Although it can't complete a marathon, the RabBeats RC10000 620 mAh battery doesn't run out of juice during a sprint either. I'm experiencing somewhat longer battery life than usual, which is always a good thing. I think I could vape for a full day without needing to charge it, but the battery would probably be low the next day. Having said that, I believe the power specifications and coils were properly adjusted because the RC10000 appears to be able to compete with larger disposable battery sizes.

The battery meter rises till it reaches its full level while the LED screen remains light during charging. There's no need to interpret colors. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to charge.

Pros / Cons

  • Nice hand feel
  • Comfortable and well-designed
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh coils perform nicely
  • Smooth draw
  • Quality-tasting flavors
  • LED screen is easy to understand and read
  • 18 mL of juice
  • MTL draw is slightly loose


In the sea of passable disposable vaporizers available in the market, the RabBeats RC10000 sticks out. Although 18 mL is a lot, it doesn't do this by a novel design or an absurd puff rating!

The RC10000 stands out for its superb vaping performance and unexpectedly delicious flavor selection. At least not in my review package, none of the flavor selections on the RC10000 tasted odd, in contrast to many disposables with large menus. That is not common!

Without a doubt, I suggest this disposable vape. The fact that I haven't tasted every flavor is the sole disclaimer.

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