Puff Xtra Limited Vape Full Review: Worth The Hype

This limited-edition vape gadget is available from famous vape brand Puff Extra to vape aficionados and blends durability, performance, and aesthetics. 
Puff Xtra Limited Vape Full Review: Worth The Hype

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Do you want a disposable vape pen with a bit extra "oomph," right? Then you want something durable, and the Puff Xtra Limited Vape was designed to achieve exactly that without compromising power or performance. The disposable vape gadget is seen in more detail below:

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

About The Brand 

This limited-edition vape gadget is available from famous vape brand Puff Extra to vape aficionados and blends durability, performance, and aesthetics. It is a beautiful item that is a part of the Puff Extra line of premium disposable vapes with a wide variety of amazing flavors to select from. Anyone seeking a high-performance gadget that doesn't require maintenance should choose this inexpensive, practical, portable, and sturdy equipment.

Puff Xtra Limited Vape Design 

The design is very different from the Puff Xtra. This one has a rather streamlined cylindrical design with a single color running from the base to the mouthpiece. This Limited edition, like the Puff Xtra, is available in a variety of hues that correspond to the flavors of the prefilled e-juice.

The name of the e-juice flavor and the puff logo are printed on the device's body. Despite having battery power, this device's small design is an important additional feature. It would not be a problem for you to carry this item about. 

Another distinctive feature that sets the gadget apart from the Puff Xtra is the mouthpiece at the top of the device. This disposable has a comfortable ergonomic cylindrical mouthpiece that fits in your mouth while you puff. You'd observe that the device's body lacks any buttons or screens, indicating that it relies on something else—in this case, something even more basic. It uses a draw-activated firing mechanism that you trigger by just puffing on the mouthpiece. 

Battery Efficiency 

The design is based on its sizable built-in, fully-charged battery, which ensures that you may vape for an extended period of time. The throwaway comes with a 1000mAh battery, but it also offers other benefits.

A large 8ml e-juice tank that is prefilled with 5% or 50mg salt nicotine is also included within the device, making it ideal for hardcore smokers seeking a strong nicotine punch. It may give up to 3500 puffs or possibly more, depending on your vaping style, thanks to the large battery capacity.

15 Delectable Puff Xtra Limited Flavors

There are 15 distinct flavors of the gadget. Each of these Puff Xtra flavorslink is created to satisfy the preferences of different vapers' taste buds. There is always something for you, whether you prefer sweet, sour, or a combination of the two. The vape juice also includes PG, VG, and 50mg of salt nicotine in addition to the flavorings. Together, these components provide the ideal vaping experience.

Cool Mint: Every puff of this e-juice flavor combination will leave you satisfied thanks to its traditional sweet and menthol flavors. You would love this one if you prefer a decent menthol combination.

Lush Ice: Juicy watermelons are combined with an already delicious menthol foundation in this vape juice. Since the flavors are harmoniously combined, you can genuinely enjoy each one for what it is. 

Blue Energy: This is the flavor for you if you need an extra boost of energy for that assignment. You may continue to enjoy the familiar and beloved blue energy drink flavor for as long as you like thanks to the vape juice combination. 

Lychee Ice: This vape juice mixture combines exotic lychees with a refreshing menthol kick that will leave you feeling full and well revived. 

Watermelon skittle, Aloe grape, tropical fruit, strawberry ice cream, peach gummy, aloe mango melon ice, blue razz ice, gummy bear, frozen mango candy, strawberry pineapple guava, and mixed berry pomegranate candy are some more flavors you might wish to try.

Other Notable Features 

Puff Xtra is a pre-filled and pre-charged gadget that requires no maintenance, making vaping even simpler. You only need to take the vape gadget out of the packaging to begin using it as a consumer. You are no longer concerned about replacing vape parts or replenishing vape juice. Simply finish the e-liquid and properly dispose of the gadget.

A mesh coil is built into the Puff Xtra Limited Vapelink , which promotes quicker heating, greater clouds, and outstanding flavor creation. Since a mesh coil is more durable than conventional coils and will endure for the duration of your use of the device, you can expect it to operate at its best.

It gets better just when you think the worst is over. You can vape with it without hitting any buttons thanks to its automatic draw function. To use the gadget, place your lips on the mouthpiece and begin drawing. The appliance turns on automatically and starts to emit vapor.

Ques:1 Is It Worth The Hype?

Ans: Yes, absolutely. It is composed of tough, premium materials that guard it against many drops, impacts, and harsh weather. The gadget has a matte texture for an easy grip and comfortable feel in the hand. This makes it simple to hold for extended periods of time when vaping. This little vape can easily fit in a pocket, making it the perfect travel companion for those who are constantly on the move. Each of the colors offered is attractive and vivid. You would surely want your peers to notice you using a gadget like this.

Enjoy longevity with the included 1000mAh battery, which ensures that vaping is at its best until the vape juice runs out. Despite its small size, the Puff Xtra Limited Vape has an 8ml vape juice capacity. The gadget produces 3000 delicious, vaporous puffs.

Ques 2: Where To Buy? 

Ans: It is offered on Vapor Boss. The only online retailer that charges reasonable pricing for high-quality goods is this one. To provide vapers with outstanding vape devices and a huge selection of e-liquids, vapor Boss collaborates with leading companies. Visit the website right away to take advantage of the many offers and discounts the online retailer is currently running, including a 20% discount on a few goods.

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