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You see, we've been working really hard to create a system that would allow you to distinguish between what is legitimate and what isn't. We're here to shed light on it immediately.
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If you’re a consumer in 2021, you know that counterfeits are no joke.

Tedious and frustrating for some, high-risk and dangerous for others, they’ve been inciting alarm from all directions over the past decade. And for good reason. Across regions and industries, their prevalence has been surging.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Year after year, counterfeits have been gaining even more traction -- while their producers have been gaining even more brazenness. In the vape industry alone, counterfeits have been wreaking havoc. In 2020, we were first exposed to how serious an issue counterfeiting was for our community -- but after taking steps to learn more and combat the problem, we realized a more substantial game-plan would be necessary.

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If we really wanted to affect change -- if we really wanted to protect our community -- we’d need to think bigger. To act bigger. So that’s exactly what we did. In January of this past year, our team got together to compile a vivid, no-holds-barred look at what our industry -- and Puff xtra limited specifically -- was facing. And that picture was nothing short of daunting.

95% of all vapes sold on the market that claimed to be Puff Bars were fakes. 

In December 2020, US Customs confiscated 34,000 fake Puff Bar items from 42 separate shipments, all of which originated in China. Since counterfeiters' pricing may save up to 50%, independent stores were encouraged to join the fray.  In the event that they were not inclined to accept the situation, they were at least inclined to refrain from raising concerns.

As previously said, the image was intimidating. You, the members of our community, are compelled to experience the anxiety of not knowing if the item you are holding is real. And for us, at Puff Bar, having to experience the powerlessness of a counterfeit business enslaving our goods.

It became evident right away that these manufacturers—these imposters—were committed to continuing making money off of our clients. They were committed to continuing putting our community at danger and using the designs of our goods to sell fraud. It's enough, we decided. To find a means to better prepare you, we turned inside, looking at our own operations and strengths. We came to the conclusion that it all begins with providing you with the following fundamental yet important questions' answers:

How can you distinguish a real Puff xtra limited product from a counterfeit one?

How can you be certain that the item you bought was what you meant to buy?

How do you tell if you've been tricked?

The solution is simple, even if it is detailed: using PUFF DNA.

You see, we've been working really hard to create a system that would allow you to distinguish between what is legitimate and what isn't. We're here to shed light on it immediately.

But first, a brief history before we begin. Upon seeing that Puff Bar knock offs were widespread, we investigated many ways to include anti-counterfeit characteristics into our goods. We performed some research and attempted various things, but we were unsuccessful. Once we introduced a feature, counterfeit manufacturers would quickly follow suit and replicate the anti-counterfeit scratch code on their own counterfeit goods.

We felt irritated. We felt frustrated. Up till Cypheme came into view.

An award-winning, unmatched, AI-driven label to combat counterfeits has been developed by Cypheme, a Paris-based AI business that is spearheading the worldwide anti-counterfeit technology solutions market. And as soon as we got in touch with them, we realized that their label had the power to completely alter everything. Chemically distinct, unreplicable, monitored, and kept safe in the cloud. created using a unique ink and proprietary code, and highlighted in an orange hue that wasn't even included in the Pantone references. This label has gone above and beyond.

How can you tell if the Puff Bar is fake?

Take out your mobile device. You may take a picture of the circular label without downloading an app. Once you upload the image online, you'll receive an AI-powered response in a matter of seconds indicating whether the picture's distinct signature matches one in the cloud. If so, your product is authentic. It is a phony if it doesn't. However, what happens if the Puff Bar is missing the circular Puff DNA label? What happens if it has a label with a scratch code or another code?

It's a fake Puff Bar if it doesn't contain the Cypheme circular label. Completely. Promised.

As part of our Puff DNA system, each and every one of our Puff Bar products is attached with a best-in-class Cypheme label. This consistency guarantees that we are making every effort to safeguard and educate our community, as well as to keep our industry safer overall.

Cypheme carried out their own case study on Puff Bar knockoffs on the market in March 2021. Seventy percent of the goods claiming to be Puff Bars turned out to be fakes. Six months after we had put our Puff DNA system (with Cypheme's labels) into place, in September 2021, they conducted another market analysis.

This time, they discovered an 82% decline in Puff Bar counterfeit sales across the board.

Yes, maintaining client satisfaction is our main objective, but maintaining your readiness is much more crucial. to protect you, to watch over you, and to keep you secure. We can achieve it with puff DNA—without the intricacy, uncertainty, or fluctuation. Both consistency and smoothness are maintained. Additionally, it allows us to carry out what we do best:

provide you with the best Puff xtra limited vape available in the most gratifyingly straightforward methods.

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