Puff Ultra: A Compact and Compelling Way to Relish Many Cigarettes

Puff Ultra: A Compact and Compelling Way to Relish Many Cigarettes

Are you into smoking and only wish you could get the same throat hits for a prolonged time without any intervention of lighting a cigarette? Puff Ultra Disposable Vape not only brings this kind of convenience for all the hardcore nicotine puffing fans but also at the same time is less injurious to health as it contains no tobacco.

With this advanced device, you can have approximately 7000 throat hits which come in a 14ml e-juice that is mixed with 5 percent of nicotine concentration in the salt form. The flow of all the vapors is of premium quality and the clouds are full of the deliciousness of flavors ranging from the basic ones like Cool Mint to unique ones like Strawberry Mango Aloe and much more. If you are getting enchanted by the description of this smart way to enjoy cigarette-like uninterrupted throat hits then here are some of the questions answered that may concern you...

Is it safe to keep Puff Ultra in your pockets for a long duration?

Since this device works on an activated firing mechanism, the 550Mah battery that it is built upon is sometimes the cause of worry. Some beginners fear if it blows in the pockets or hands. Also, there is a constant worry about its overheating. However, the quality of material used to form is of high-end quality. Along with this, the mechanism involved to make every Puff Ultra is done under all essential cautions and test checks. That said, there is no chance of such mishaps and it can be without any worries carried away in the pockets.  Just make sure that you get your hands on a genuine one only because its manufacturing is not monitored by the FDA.

Is Puff Ultra a rechargeable vape?

Yes, to make this vape gadget light in weight, smart in look, and comfortable to use, the brand has cut short on the size of the battery which chiefly makes it heavy. What follows is that it has to be recharged 3 to 4 times to fully use all the vape juice for vaping but this is not a herculean task as a USB port is provided at the unit’s base that can be connected with any Type C charger. Also, do not worry about this intervention as this can be done when you are on a break from puffing.

What are the flavors of Puff Ultra Disposable?

Puff Ultra offers a total of 11 luscious flavors that make anyone’s vaping an outstanding one. Here is the list of all of them. Begin with the flavor that captures your attention the most.

  • Aloe Grape
  • Banana Ice
  • Black Cherry Ice
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Cool Mint
  • Gelato
  • Guava Berry Ice
  • Mystery
  • Strawberry Lush Ice
  • Strawberry Mango Aloe
  • Tropical  Ice

 Does Puff Ultra’s vape juice contain any harmful health ingredients?

There are no dangerous compounds in the e-liquid of the Puff Ultra. While in comparison to smoking it cuts down the nicotine presence by half to what is present in the cigarette but the taste of Puff Ultra Disposable Vape with which it s blended makes the nic hits as much interesting as a cigarette. There are ingredients like propyl glycol, vegetable glycerine, and many other compounds that make nicotine production yummy. These are all infused in the ratios as mentioned legal under the official website of the FDA. So, keep the fear away and vape with an open mind and heart with Puff Ultra. Nicotine, however, even without the tar and tobacco of a cigarette equally harms if taken in addiction.  It is recommended that you use this vape within limits.

Final Words,

So, now is the time to get yourself a Puff Ultra. Whether you are a beginner or a learner, it does fight the stress in your life without risking your health compared with a conventional cigarette. Also, there is no hustle-bustle of maintaining it. It comes pre-charged and pre-filling and once finished can be taken to the trash until a new one is ordered.

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