Puff On Your Favourite Flavours With Air Bar Lux Plus Disposable

Puff On Your Favourite Flavours With Air Bar Lux Plus Disposable

Made to fit comfortably in the mouth, disposable vapes are chunky yet sleek enough for you to store them discreetly in a pocket or purse. They take seconds to pop out of its clear plastic container and puff away with satisfying puffs - each fill lasts up to satisfactory powerful hits! Not only do they contain nicotine salts to help relieve symptoms of cravings better than regular vape liquids but they're sweeter, more flavorful, and less harsh so there is less chance of developing an oral fixation or getting addicted to sweets. 


Finding the perfect vape pen for you has been a bit of a struggle, but our Air Bar Lux Plus Disposable Vape is here to streamline your decision-making process. This sleek and durable device will have you vaping in style thanks to its high-quality design that can accommodate any vaping type. Simply choose from many colours and size options to find your perfect match today! 

Air Bar Lux Plus Disposable Features

Unlike other products on the market, our Air Bar Lux features a sleek and portable design for convenience. Its air-powered system offers up to 2000 puffs per pen/stick with flavour options from fruity to minty. The hexagonal shape also makes this device as ergonomic as it is easy on the eyes! In addition to salt nicotine, this product comes recharged for immediate use!

It offers users an unmatched vaping experience that has been engineered over years of research and development by tobacco scientists who understand what smokers need in a vape unit that's convenient and cost-effective. This disposable stick comes fully charged so you'll never have an issue using it right. 

Air Bar Lux Plus Flavours

  • Berry Lemon Shake: A whipped cream blast of refreshing, juicy berries mixed together with the perfect sour lemon twist to give you what you need. From vaping beginners to seasoned pros, Berry Lemon Shake will keep your mouth watering all day long!
  • Banana Shake: Tired of those same old flavours from the grocery store? Want to switch things up? Try this Banana Shake vape juice flavour by Air Bar Lux Plus - a sweet, creamy and light thang with light banana undertones and whipped cream.
  • Clear: Clear vape flavour was created for our fans who prefer e-liquid flavours that are beautiful yet subtly sweet, clean tasting without feeling too harsh on the throat; this is also perfect for beginners who want to start out with flavours they enjoy or maybe you just want something refreshing after a long workday but don't want to settle on one boring kind.
  • Cranberry Grape: It smells like cranberries and leaves, kind of fresh. This flavour by Air bar lux plus berry's delicate aroma with an undertone of leafy notes. Beginners will appreciate its subtlety while vaping veterans love how it can bring something different to their collection.
  • Green Energy: When school is in session, it can feel like your favourite vape juices are on a permanent break. Drained from the stress of all those tests and assignments? Keep calm, relax, and recharge with this green, energizing eliquid!

The Bottom Line

Who says you can't take the vape with you everywhere? Don't worry about filling your pockets, these disposable vapes are sleek and made of high-quality material. The durable Air Bar Lux Plus patented design is perfect for anyone who's ready to light up wherever they go. Discount fish are great for fresh mouths! This disposable vape is the perfect way to combat dry lips by combining mint and refreshing menthol.

The pre-charged battery gets you started in a flash, and each pen will give you 2000 puffs of quality vaping before it’s time for a new one. With 50mg salt nicotine, there are no harsh chemicals or artificial colours either - just pure satisfaction on-demand, wherever life takes you.

Vaping has never been easier

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