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Nord Coils Review: Why They're a Great Choice for Vapers?

March 05, 2023

Nord Coils Review: Why They're a Great Choice for Vapers?


If you're an avid vaper, then you know that the quality of your vape coil plays a significant role in your overall vaping experience. SMOK Nord coils are some of the most popular coils in the market today and for good reason. In this article, we'll review the Nord Coils and what makes them a great choice for vapers.

Nord Coils are produced by SMOK, a company that has been at the forefront of the vaping industry for many years. The Nord Coils come in a range of different resistances, allowing vapers to choose the right coil for their individual preferences. The coils are made from high-quality materials, ensuring that they are durable and long-lasting.

The Features Of SMOK Nord coils!

One of the most notable features of SMOK Nord coils is its mesh construction. The mesh design provides a larger surface area for the e-liquid to come into contact with, resulting in a more flavorful and consistent vape. The mesh also allows for a quicker ramp-up time, meaning that you'll experience a faster and smoother hit.

 Another great feature of SMOK Nord coils is its use of organic cotton. Organic cotton is free from chemicals and pesticides, ensuring that you're getting a pure and clean taste with every hit. The cotton wicks quickly, providing great flavor and vapor production. 

Let's Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Different Nord Coils Available:

Nord Regular Coil: This coil has a resistance of 1.4ohm, making it a great option for mouth-to-lung vapers who prefer a tighter draw. The regular coil provides great flavor and vapor production, and it's ideal for use with higher nicotine e-liquids.

Nord Mesh Coil: The Nord Mesh Coil has a resistance of 0.6ohm, making it a great option for vapers who prefer a more direct-to-lung hit. The mesh design provides a larger surface area for the e-liquid to come into contact with, resulting in a more flavorful and consistent vape.

Nord Ceramic Coil: The Nord Ceramic Coil has a resistance of 1.4ohm, and it's made from a ceramic material that provides a longer lifespan than traditional cotton coils. The ceramic material also provides a clean and pure taste, and it's ideal for use with CBD e-liquids.

It's important to note that while Nord Coils are compatible with a range of SMOK devices, it's still essential to ensure that you're using the correct coil for your specific device. Using the wrong coil can lead to issues such as burnt hits, reduced flavor, and shortened coil lifespan. Be sure to consult your device manual or the SMOK website to determine the appropriate coil for your device.

How Do You Choose The Best Nord Coil?

Selecting the right coil is essential for getting the most out of your equipment. Choosing the best coil type for you may be difficult despite the broad range of coil types that are available. It's simple to find the best SMOK Nord coil for your needs once you've considered a few important factors. Consider the flavor and vapor production of your e-liquids while choosing coils.

Each coil's potential battery life must also be taken into account. Next, think about how the durability of your gadget will vary depending on the type of coil used. You may select the best SMOK Nord coils for your needs after taking these factors into account.

Coil Life & Wattage!

Coil life is an important consideration when choosing a coil. Your device's lifespan may be limited and its cost may rise if coils need to be changed frequently. Although it may be challenging to anticipate a coil's lifespan, lower-wattage coils typically outlast high-wattage coils.

Keep note of how long it takes to do so and aim to change your coils before they become too worn out. Also, keeping your coils clean is important because dirty coils work hotter and last less time than clean coils. Coils' lifespan will be extended and they won't need to be replaced as frequently if they are kept clean.

Resistance Levels And Airflow!

While selecting a coil, airflow, and resistance levels must be taken into account. You may adjust the airflow settings on a variety of vaping products to your preferences, but not all vaping products work with all coils. By selecting the airflow setting that best meets their needs, users of mods with adjustable airflow can personalize their vaping experience.

Remember that coils with lower resistance transmit more power to the coil and heat up more quickly when picking a resistance level. These frequently shorten battery life, though. Higher-resistance coils can run for longer periods of time on a single battery charge despite delivering less power.


Smok Nord Coils are an excellent option for vapers who want a high-quality coil that provides great flavor and vapor production. The mesh design and organic cotton wick provide a more consistent and flavorful vape, and the plug-and-play system makes installation incredibly easy. With a range of different resistances available, there's a Nord Coil to suit every vaper's preferences. If you're looking for a reliable and long-lasting coil, then Nord Coils are definitely worth checking out.


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