Niko Bar: The Rising Star Of The Vape Industry

Is the Niko Bar a better option if you're looking for a new pod vape or disposable? This thorough review will teach you everything you need to know.

Niko Bar: The Rising Star Of The Vape Industry

With the performance and durability of a pod vape combined with the ease of use of a disposable vape, the Niko Bar link is a hybrid device. It's a refillable disposable, a market that has been expanding as more and more producers begin to make them.

What, though, is a reusable disposable? With this, however, you can fill and empty its 13ml tank with your favorite e-juice. Moreover, it has a Type-C charging connection for recharging. All of this is comparable to a pod vape. Up to 6000 puffs are intended to be produced by the Niko Bar. With a mesh coil that will give vivid flavor, satisfaction, and rich vapor without sacrificing flavor, it uses the same coil technology as the company's other vapes.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

No matter the battery level, this vape consistently works, so the experience remains the same. A built-in battery that can be recharged via Type-C charging powers this device.

Is the Niko Bar a better option if you're looking for a new pod vape or disposable? This thorough review will teach you everything you need to know.

Niko Bar Design

It is a remarkably compact and lightweight gadget. It's smaller than the most of disposables I've tried recently and even more so than the majority of pod vapes. 

In terms of design, this is nothing revolutionary, so why start from scratch? It is formed like a bar, as suggested by its name, and all of the sides and corners are rounded off to make it feel good in the hand.

These are disposables that are in the middle size—not too huge, nor too small. They feel substantial in the palm and aren't overly hefty, but they do have a slight weight to them. You can manage to carry two or even three of these at once in terms of portability, but others will notice them on you. When I left the house, I usually only stuck to one taste in order to minimize the bulk. They are all made of plastic with a soft-touch texture on the body. They wipe clean easily, but they can get dirty readily, especially if you've been performing dirty work.

Niko Bar Flavors 

There are now 10 Flavors of Niko Bar link , however more tastes may be added later. Their website lists fruit, candy, coffee, and mint tastes, all of which sound delicious. Regretfully, there isn't a tobacco flavor, but I believe there are enough varieties available for everyone to discover something they enjoy.

I'll discuss my impressions of five of these flavors along with how they taste. But bear in mind that just because I enjoy a flavor doesn't guarantee you will too. Similarly, just because I dislike a flavor doesn't mean you won't either. This is just my perspective.

Watermelon Ice

As the name suggests, Watermelon Ice contains both watermelon and ice. This has a great, rich watermelon flavor with a hint of cooling; nothing unexpected. Here, the watermelon is not overly sweet and is more of a natural than candied taste. Good flavor overall.

Mint Ice

This has a pleasant, sweet flavor with just the right amount of ice and mint. I have to avoid vaping mint tastes for too long since I get headaches from them, but I didn't mind occasionally taking a few hits of this one. I've vaporized enough mint tastes to be able to distinguish between good and bad ones, and if you want sweet flavors, this one is good.

Apple Ice Sour

This is exactly how I think it should taste. Strong green apple flavor that carries through from the inhale to the exhale, along with a lot of acidity. This place does have some cooling, but not enough to deter ice-averse vapers from their mints.

Niko Bar Performance

The Niko Bar disposables are excellent for vaping and provide a satisfying hit with every pull. It only takes a few drags to feel happy with these disposables because of their pleasant throat hit and 5% (50mg) nicotine content. Additionally, none of the tastes have any harshness to the draw, making them incredibly smooth.

These disposables are ideal for tight mouth-to-lung draws. Ex-smokers will find it enjoyable because it's just tight enough, but it's also set to be simple to activate.

These disposables have definite flavor, appeal, and enjoyment. Returning to some of my earlier remarks, I would have anticipated that they would have lasted at least 6000 puffs with 13ml of e-juice, if not longer. 

How Does Niko Bar Work?

I've tested and reviewed a ton of disposables, therefore I've come up with a quick way to figure out whether or not a disposable vape is good: instead of wishing for another disposable, I just check for the device. Although it's not the only factor, I can quickly and almost instinctively determine whether a disposable item is good or not.

I kept searching for it to sketch with this, and not once did I want to use another device while I was testing. My criteria for a pleasant flavor, a smooth draw, and nicotine satisfaction were all satisfied with Niko Bar Vape link .

The MTL draw is quite standard; it's neither overly tight nor overly loose. Just enough airflow is present to enable basic drawing; it is neither too airy nor directly lung-damaging. These deliver a mouth-to-lung draw that has truly pleased me.

These devices' coil offers an outstanding overall experience. It claims that the vapor tastes perfectly clean and leaves no "residue" in the mouth. Do you know that coating that develops on your tongue when you vape an especially sweet and syrupy disposable? I tried several tastes, and none of them had any of that.

I was also able to observe the effectiveness of the ceramic coil in operation thanks to the e-juice tank's transparency. Compared to other disposable devices, this one seems to use less e-juice to generate the same amount of puffs. I vape hundreds of puffs a day and have e-juice remaining in many of my devices even after constant daily use.

This product offers great taste, a long-lasting and fast-charging battery, a high puff count, and remarkable portability in a small package. Apart from these advantages, the ceramic coil's great e-juice efficiency lets you vape for longer periods with less e-juice.

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