Niko Bar Disposable Review: Ultra Satisfying Disposables

In general, I like using the Niko Bar disposables, so if you're considering purchasing one (or several), I say go ahead.
Niko Bar Disposable Review

You should put the Niko Bar Vape link on your "to-try" list as well. Because the design is so unique from other disposables available, I enjoy it. These gadgets have good build quality and construction, and I had no problems with any of my units.

These are basic disposables that encapsulate the essence of what an e-cigarette ought to be. They are easy to use—all you have to do to vape is inhale into the mouthpiece—and they provide a satisfying vaping experience without requiring any modifications or human input. This makes them excellent for both novices and anyone looking for a simple, reliable gadget.

Alert: Before we embark, we request minors and non-puffers to keep off! Nicotine is addictive and harmful.

Design & Build Quality

Although they seem somewhat hefty in the palm, they have a slight weight to them. Others will see them on you, even if you can carry two or even three of them at once. Usually, I would limit the quantity when I left the house to just one taste.

Everybody has a body made of plastic that feels good to the touch. They are easily soiled but also easily cleaned, especially after performing dirty jobs.

Every Niko Bar Disposable Flavor link has a unique hue, corresponding to the device's flavor. This eliminates the need to read the flavor that is printed on the device and makes it simple to determine which flavor you are picking up. It has a big Niko Bar logo printed on it in addition to the flavor. Because of the elevated print, it appears somewhat three-dimensional.

Made of food-grade TPU, the drip tip is an elongated oval that is hard but flexible. At least these are supposed to be thrown away, even if I've had to force myself not to chew on them a few times!

Features of Niko Bar

Prefilled with 13ml of e-juice, the Niko Bar is a disposable device with a high juice capacity. 

This puts it in line with the market's higher-capacity disposables. Niko Bar vape claims to be good for 6000 puffs, which is less than I would anticipate from a disposable device with this much e-juice. 

They are only available right now with a nicotine level of 5% (50 mg). 

Because each Niko Bar features an big rechargeable battery, you can vape all of the e-juice within by recharging it as often as necessary. The device's bottom contains the Type-C charging port. They can be used while charging because they have pass-through charging as well.

Niko Bar Flavors

As of right now, Niko Bar's disposables are available in a number of varieties, but more might be introduced later. On their website, they list tastes for fruit, candy, coffee, and mint, all of which seem quite delicious. There isn't a tobacco taste, which is unfortunate, but I believe there are enough possibilities for everyone to discover something they enjoy.

Watermelon Ice 

As the name suggests, watermelon and ice are combined to make watermelon ice. It tastes just like delicious, juicy watermelon with a faint hint of chill; nothing unusual at all. This time, the watermelon is not overly sweet and tastes more natural than candied. Good flavor overall.

Mint Ice

This has the perfect amount of mint and ice, and tastes sweet and wonderful. I don't like to vape mint tastes for long periods of time, but occasionally I took a few puffs of this one and didn't mind. If you enjoy sweet mints, this is a terrific mint flavor. I've vaporized a lot of mint flavors so I can distinguish between the good and the terrible.

Peach Rings

This peach flavor is excellent. Though there is a peach candy flavor, my favorite natural peach flavor is still there in my vapes. The luscious peach flavor in this flavor truly shines, and the ice is not noticeable at all.

Grape Aloe

This flavor is incredible! The combination of grape and aloe flavors is so delicious and unusual. A burst of grape flavor hits your nose right away, and it lingers long enough for the aloe flavor to take center stage. The grape flavor lasts long after exhaling, which I adore. 

Orange Soda

For all of you who enjoy soda, especially orange drink, this one is for you. Inhaling this device's vapor is similar to sipping your preferred orange drink. The flavor has a fizzy, effervescent taste to it without being overly sugary. I wish there had been a little more flavor once I exhaled.


The Niko Bar Disposables link are excellent for vaping because each pull produces a satisfying hit. It only takes a few draws to feel satisfied with these disposables because they contain a pleasant throat hit and 5% (50mg) of nicotine. In addition, the tastes are all incredibly smooth and have no harshness to the draw.

These disposables operate best with tight mouth-to-lung pulls. It is easy to activate and just snug enough for those who have given up smoking to find enjoyment in it. It is not necessary to sketch extensively in order for the draw activation to function properly.

These disposables have definite flavor, appeal, and enjoyment. Returning to some of my earlier remarks, I anticipated that they would have lasted at least 7000 puffs with 13ml of e-juice, if not longer. 

This might be related to the mesh coil that these contain. This would explain a lot because mesh coils tend to utilize more e-juice in exchange for better flavor and more vapor. To be fair, these do provide good flavor and vapor, so I'll blame the mesh coil for the 6000 puffs.


The Niko Bar link looks excellent and works well too. They are pleasant to grip because of their soft-touch finish and appealing box-shaped, rounded shape. They're stylish but simple, which is a great combo for a throwaway, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, what's inside them matters more. Though the Sour Apple flavor wasn't really to my taste, the other flavors I tried were all pretty nice. There are many other tastes that you could find interesting if you're not convinced about the ones I tried.

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