Mr.Fog Air Disposable Can Make Your Vaping Extraordinary. Know-How…

Mr.Fog Air Disposable Can Make Your Vaping Extraordinary. Know-How…

Who doesn't crave stuff that is beyond ordinary? Right? When it comes to vaping with maximum satisfaction, Mr. Fog Air Disposable can be one of the most trending vape systems. Whatever is your requirement from a disposable vape, this one is capable of fulfilling them all. The built, variations of e-juice and the vapor glide will sort you in and out for the day.

In this blog post, we have answered all the frequently asked questions about this vape gadget that will help you decide whether or not to purchase this vape

How many puffs does it offer?

This vape is ideal for medium to heavy puffers as it can give you around 3000 tasty nicotine clouds. Unlike its sister pod devices like Puff Bars, Big Bars and Hype Max Flows which generally offer puffs less than 1000, this is one of the long-lasting vapes among the disposables.

What kind of nicotine does it contain? Is it cancerous?

Whatever flavor of Mr Fog Max Air Disposable you choose, the nicotine content in each is 5% of the total 8ml vape juice and is imbued in the form of salt. It is not at all a cancerous compound and consuming the clouds from the nicotine of this vape is safe. The reason is that it is tobacco-free, unlike the case of traditional cigs. Howsoever, since nicotine is a highly addictive compound, one should be very conscious of vaping.

Does Mr. Fog Max Air Disposable harm oral health?

Many people have reviewed from their experiences on vaping that nicotine tends to harm their oral health. This has raised concerns among the ENDS being reason. If you are following your general oral routine then you need not worry about it. Just make sure that you keep yourself highly hydrated and keep extra care towards your gums, teeth, and tongue hygiene.

How is the design and puff flow of Mr Fog Max Air Disposable?

The ergonomic design of this vape pen is a pushover, making the vaper free of all the botherations of pre-filling the vape juice and recharging the battery. It has a cylindrical built which can be conveniently carried in the pocket and is suitable for those who are constantly on the move. The body is a blend of two colors which represent your savor combos.

As soon as you start inhaling, the automated firing mechanism begins to convert the e-juice into tasty nicotine vapors for your throat. The vapor flow is impeccably fluent. Once you are done, dispose of the unit carefully as the body is designed from a plastic material and order a newer one.

What are the flavor options of Mr. Fog Max Air?

It offers 6 tempting tastes. All the flavors of Mr Fog Max Air are exotic and feel great under the palate. Here are the options for you to explore-

  •   Apple Grape Freeze
  •   Peach Blue Raspberry Freeze
  •   Peach Pineapple Freeze
  •   Peach Strawberry Watermelon Freeze
  •   Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Freeze
  •   Watermelon Kiwi Freeze

Is Mr. Fog Max Air legitimate?

Yes, this vape is justifiable in the eyes of law but there is an exhaustive list of conditions under which it passes that test. FDA regulates that under the guidelines of the WHO report. You can check that out at the official website of the World Health Organization(only if you are curious to explore). It is advisable to do thorough research of the ingredients and try to check the authenticity of the device by searching the relevant web information. There are many possibilities that the device that landed in your hand is a hoax!

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