Mouthwatering E-juice To Enjoy All Day Long - Red Apple Fruit Mix

Mouthwatering E-juice To Enjoy All Day Long - Red Apple Fruit Mix

An e-juice is a liquid which contains nicotine and other chemicals that can change into carcinogens when burned (combusted) as well as additives such as flavorings, colors, and glycerin. This vaporizes the liquid to produce an aerosol mist or steam usually exhaled as water vapor--which may contain carcinogens and other toxins; it is often called "smoking" but this is misleading because no actual smoke is involved.


Reds Apple Fruit Mix has a very familiar taste that addicts vapers who love fruit flavors. Can you imagine an apple pie with no apples? I can't, but how about vaping without red apple e-juice?

For those of you who want your daily dose of Vitamin C along with your vape, this is for you. It is a blend of green and red sour apples combined to give you a sweet and sour vape juice flavor. This premium blend will leave you wanting more every time as it tastes  like a whole apple pie in your vape.

This red apple e-juice is so unique and rare that some vapers who tried it before say they can vape on this fruit blend for hours without getting tired of it. Like other flavors, you'll find Red Apple fruit mix available in different nicotine levels such as 0 mg (no nicotine), 3 mg (extra light dose), and 6mg (light). It's really up to you on which level to choose from depending on your vaping preference and taste.

The Taste Of Red Apple Fruit Mix 

A kick of refreshing pears is followed by juicy apples. The crisp, red flavor pushes through with a tantalizing tingle that leaves your taste buds wanting more. Whether you're an all day vape or just want to give your lungs a break for once, this juice is sure to be satisfying! The succulent taste of fresh, red apples blended with herbal menthol. A satisfying fruit vape that will leave you feeling exhilarated and refreshed. Perfect during the fall for those chilly mornings or long afternoons spent sitting around the fireplace catching up on your favorite book.

What's red, refreshing, and a mixer? Freshly-sliced apples! And if you want the taste of freshly-cut apples without worrying about high calories, Red Apple Fruit Mix E-Juice might be the perfect balance for your fruit addiction. It is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. One puff of this juice will transport you to an orchard with all of its luscious green goodness. Not only that but it'll give you a fruity vape experience unlike any other.

To create this innovative e-juice, the company has used the finest suppliers. The flavors come from all around the world such as apples from Washington State, Japan for their oranges, and New Zealand for their limes. We represent fruit in its purest form with fruits taken to PG level 15 purity standard right down to screwing on a childproof cap. 

The Bottom Line

Looking for a perfect combination? Try mixing Cherry Bomb with Red Apple E-Juice and get ready to be surprised because together they produce an amazing sweet candy flavor that tastes  like a crushed strawberry and apple with cherry on top.

If you're wondering where to buy red apple fruit mix e-juice , it's available online in different websites that offer premium vape juices such as Red Apple Fruit Mix by Vapor Boss. Always go for Red Apple EJuice from Vapor Boss, a reputable company who is known for their quality of vape juice production. Nicotine levels vary depending on your vaping preference and taste.

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