Mini Vape Max Feels: Pod 5500 Can Hook You On Forever

Mini Vape Max Feels: Pod 5500 Can Hook You On Forever

Vaping has sold for its ability to work as a buffer zone for hardcore smokers to return to healthier puffing habits until they completely put a stop to it. This stand was taken by the WHO has led to unique innovations in the market of the vaping industry. There are endless vapes that come in peculiar designs and features to help vapers find their kind of ENDS.


In the same line of thought, Pod 5500 Disposable Vape is the vaping swag that every vaper craves for especially those who want to keep it going for a long time in their on-the-go lifestyle. Keep scrolling to know everything…

The vape juice is super succulent

You must be well aware how even a pinch of taste alters the overall savory so let us give you a peep at all that formulates into the e-liquid of this unit- It holds 12.5ml of an e-juice that is juiced up with a VG/PG blend of 70:30 that boosts the smooth and vape draws. The perfect nicotine strength of 5% per the weight vape juice is enough to satisfy vapers. Other compounds depend upon the flavor you opt for but they are not harmful.

The entire juice can give you up to 5500 plus puffs that are thick and smooth. For heavy vapers, it is a perfect number to hit by a disposable vape. The news to ears is that it comes in not one or two but 26 exciting flavors, hearing which your taste buds would go thirsty until you take them to the taste it desires while you vape.

The flavors of Pod 5500 Disposable Vape are: Cotton Carnival, Strawberry Kiwi, Peblez, Mighty Mint Sapphire, Marshmallow, Hawaiian, Frozen Strawberry Guava, Frozen Sour Apple, Aloe Grape, Cookies and Cream, Chilled Blue Razz, Blue Razz Lemonade, Blue Razz Chew, Berry Lush Apple, Arctic Lush, Strawberry Snow Cone, Pod Energy, Sour Strawberry Gummy, Glazed Donut, Glacier Grape Chew, Polar Peach, Blueberry Muffin, Loops, Banana Frost, Arctic Blue Razz Watermelon.

# Nicotine is addictive. Not intended for minors, pregnant women, and people with respiratory disturbances.

Benefits of Vaping with Pod 5500

There are many advantages of puffing with this pod mod. It is one of the longest-lasting portable vaping with no need to replace cartridges. There is a USB port at the base for recharging whenever the pull begins to weaken. Overall you won't feel the worry of managing this vape. It is travel-friendly and gives an opulent feeling to vape on because of its one-step light-up feature.

The 650mAh battery used has a micro USB option and you can also tailor your clouds by using the airflow control. The body is cylindrical in appearance with a simple colorful body that tempts a vape for its symbolic vape juice taste.

All of the 26 flavors will make you feel that something is so right and ultimate about it that would make you long for more of it. The fine plastic used for the build is fine and soft in touch and in no way will let your hopes down. Also, if you take a genuine one, there is no way that you are going to feel the overheating and explosions. They have been manufactured after the trial and testing.

The Upshot

Pod 5500 Disposable Vape stands true to its name as it gives you an outstanding number of 5500 nicotine clouds that can be created as per your wish and are safe to inhale. The exotic and refreshing fruity flavors get you ready to take your puff game up by another level. A thumbs up vape from our slide!

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