Mega Delicious hits with Air Bar Max

we will give you a dive into the flavors of Suorin's Air Bar Max that comes with an amazing 20 flavors worth drooling for. So, let's begin the tasty puffing adventure
Mega Delicious hits with Air Bar Max

Vaping concerns itself with the overall pleasure. Supercloud size, clean and diverse flavor feel and the high-end features of a pod mod make the overall experience durable and ecstatic! In this article, we will give you a dive into the flavors of Suorin's Air Bar Max that comes with an amazing 20 flavors worth drooling for. So, let's begin the tasty puffing adventure...


  •   Cherry Blossom Grape- Subtle fruity undertones that'll surely blossom your puffs!
  •   Shake Shake - Creamy sweetness with each puff sounds even more velvety, right?
  •   Berries Shake- Yet another one for shake lovers! Milky berry throat hits are succulent!
  •   Holly- For those who are crazy about the chill taste hits-Icy, menthol, and minty! It's a blend of different varieties of mint leaves. Seriously Holy!
  •   Lemon Shake- Beat the heat with the lime zest along with some creamy notes. It's smooth and citrusy!
  •   Watermelon Ice- Relish summer feels with ice and watermelon enhanced nic-hits!
  •   Pudding- Every nicotine hit comes with a sweet, milk-like dessert vibe. Velvety and Thick!
  •   Guava Shake- Native to Mexico can satisfy the tropical shake nicotine fix to perfection.
  •   Kiwi Berry Ice- The Complexly acidic and sweet flavor of the mini kiwis comes with a cooling sensation.
  •   Cranberry Grape- The real juice of cranberry, coming right from the bog and freshly extracted grape juice will set your throats on fire!
  •   Sakura Grape- The mouth-melting grape flavor mixed with the menthol taste is a favorite of many!
  •   Blueberry Black Currant- Do you have an innate love for blackcurrant shakes and ice cream? Get the same vibes while vaping that too with a sweet blend of blueberries flavor.
  •   Blueberry Lemon Ice- Light fruity juice of blueberry with a hint of acidic lemon juice is a bang on!
  •   Cool Mint- For the just mint fans. It hits your throats super cool and is an ultimate relaxing flavor to vape with.
  •   Melon Shake- The summer fruit, uniquely blended with the milky cream is appetizing.
  •   Red Bull Ice- Loved by the Red Bull fans. This one hits you with an ultimate chill. Super enjoyable!
  •   Apple Shake- Creamy milk suffused with the apple juice is sweet and smooth.
  •   Banana Shake- The conventional taste that will hit your palates and throats to the perfect vaping satisfaction.
  •   Peach Mango-Enjoy the tangy flavor of the two much-loved fruits of the tropics.
  •   ALPPS(Icy Mint)- Mint sensations with each puff are timeless!

Wasn't that a yummy ride? The 20 impeccable flavors of this vape unit are worth a try. Pick your favorite taste and slide the experience in our comment section.

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