Make Your Vaping Sessions Enjoyable With SMOK Nord Coils

Make Your Vaping Sessions Enjoyable With SMOK Nord Coils

SMOK Nord Coils

The Nord Coils are an innovative unit that pairs the best of both mesh and traditional coil designs, including a Mesh-MTL for those who like to vape in power mode on a lower resistance which is great for taste without compromising vapour production. The SMOK Nord Coils comes in varying resistances, making them suitable for everyone's tastes.

Now with a 0.8-ohm Mesh Coil and a 1.4-ohm Ceramic coil, these versatile ceramic top coil atomizers keep up to date with modernity's newest trends in vaping technology while still using tried-and-true methods for smoothing out puffing processes and delivering intense flavour production for those who need to vape back home. 

How SMOK Nord Coils are different from regular coils?

These are so strong and sturdy, you can be confident that they will never let you down. They work great for those with bigger tanks, making sure not to waste any time picking up your regular drip-coil used in smaller tanks. The coils themselves feature a zero or six mesh coil; while the other is an eight mesh MTL which emits more flavour than ever before!

They are a Nordic snowstorm of flavour. The high-temperature resistant NRN coil mesh allows the intense flavours to come through and even offers different types to choose from 1) 0.6-ohm Mesh Coil 2) 0.8-ohm Mesh-MTL 3) 1.4-ohm Ceramic Coil and 4) 1.4-ohm Traditional Coil. With such creativity in design, these coils are sure to bring you much joy!

Nord Coils SMOK Performance

With these innovative coils, you can now have a clean and pure taste with that intense heat. The traditional coil’s design was adapted to resist higher temperatures so that the flavour never suffers when set at high levels. Enjoy all the benefits of vaping without any unwanted after effects- frustrating dry hits or burnt wicks.


Think of your old basque on a hot summer day, it's uncomfortable and ripping at the seams, but somehow romantic in its desperation for relief. Now imagine that same feeling transferring to the Smok Nord Coils; knowing that no matter how much you might love them, they're better off gracefully retiring their role as flagship coils. 

Stock them Up!

The Nord Coils pack a punch like no other! They're made of ultra-durable and flavourful materials to keep you vaping your way out of an apocalyptic world. No one knows for sure when or if it will happen, but now is the time to start stocking up on these coil packs. Our mouth-watering, flavourful coils are the perfect way to fulfil your vaping needs. Experience the taste of fruit and candy flavours like no other and watch as your nicotine cravings go away.

Make mealtime an all-day occasion with the Smok Nord Coils. The result of over 15 years of research and development, this remarkable product is engineered to provide you with intense flavour. It marks a turning point in coil technology, and can be where it matters most: on your coils! 

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