December 01, 2022


The Elf Bar Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vapes include a sleek shell and a mesh coil for more intense flavour characteristics. Each Lost Mary Elf Bar disposable vape comes with 13ml of vape juice and is rechargeable through a USB-C charging cord. A battery indicator is a useful feature that lets vapers monitor power levels while vaping. The LED hues green (high battery), blue (mid battery), and red (low battery) indicate the amount of charge remaining in the 650mAh battery.

The Lost Mary vape gadget is 1 344" wide by 2 344" tall by 1" thick. An oval-shaped mouthpiece protrudes from the top 34." It has the same proportions as a bar of soap with gently rounded edges. A type-C charger slot is located on top of the gadget.

The charging port flap is difficult to open. I can see why the small rubber cover on several of the gadgets I was given to test was ripped off. A light next to the charging port on the top goes green for a full charge, blue for a medium charge, and red for a low charge. I initially assumed the hole on top was the air intake, but after vaping it, I learned it was the battery-level light. I'm not sure where the intake hole is, but it gives sufficient airflow for a good MTL (Mouth to Lung).


  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Nicotine Strength: 5%
  • E-liquid Capacity: 13ml
  • Puffs: Up to 5000
  • Charging Port: type-C


  • The product's new visual experience is produced via planet surface design.
  • a logo with a full-circle style and several features
  • For more effective use, power indicators have three levels.
  • ideal design while yet having the finest grip.
  • Mesh coil delivers a strong explosion.
  • The top 12 flavours and 12 choices each have a Type-C charging connector.


It includes

  • 1× LOST MARY OS5000 Disposable Pod Device
  • Packing is simple. 

Note: It is a disposable pod kit that has been pre-filled. Neither the pod nor the battery can be refilled.

12 Breathtaking Flavors To Choose: 

Fresh Peach

The Luscious Peach Lost Mary OS5000 vape pen contains 13ml of juicy peach flavour in every puff.

Hawaiian Mango

A sweet, juicy pineapple flavour is combined with a smooth mango flavour in the Pineapple Mango Lost Mary OS5000 vape.

Strawberry Mango 

Lost Strawberry Mango A fresh mango flavour is combined with a genuine strawberry flavour in Mary OS5000 vape. On the exhale, this vape also has a little "ice" flavour for a cool vaping sensation.

Iced blueberries

The Blueberry Ice Lost Mary OS5000 Disposable Vape combines functionality with a stylish shell and a mesh coil for flavour profiles with more depth. Frosted blueberry essence fills your senses and satisfies your yearning for the flavour of freshly ripened wild mountain blueberries when vaping.

Blue Razz Ice

A deliciously delectable Blue Razz Ice redefines Lost Mary as its own challenger vs. Papa, Elf Bar. Blue Razz Ice is as cold as it is razzy. A must-have is Lost Mary's Blue Razz Ice OS5000. Simple: Lost Mary consistently delivers, with a flavour that is subtly different from other varieties you've eaten.

Cranberry Soda

On a flight, have you ever tried cranberry juice? At 30,000 feet, something about the cold, crisp flavour just feels right. Cranberry Soda, one of Lost Mary's best-selling beverages, can now be made by adding some carbonation sensation. If you have rechargeable devices, you can consume this cool flavour 5,000 times. 

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Kiwi Passion Fruit It's perfect bliss for every soul that breathes in its freedom. Guava is a tropical island of total happiness; dressed as a butler, the Guava is your own Concierge to the island, and the Kiwi is your own hyperdrive hoverboard to go about. Mary's lost kiwi The OS5000 Passion Fruit Guava is your passport to paradise! However, as seats are swiftly filling up, you should move quickly.

Strawberry Ice

Summer strawberry flavour accompanies the Strawberry Ice OS5000 Lost Mary vape's inhale and is followed by a fresh mint exhale.

Strawberry Pina Colada

A unique take on the traditional pina colada vape flavour is provided by the Strawberry Pina Colada Lost Mary OS5000 vape flavour. It has a mouthwatering flavour that comes from the delectable strawberry, pineapple, and coconut cream foundation.

Strawberry Sundae

A silky smooth strawberry dessert flavouring is delivered with each puff of the Strawberry Sundae Lost Mary OS5000 vape. a delightful strawberry and vanilla cream flavour combo.


Fresh watermelon that is sweet and tangy makes up the Watermelon Lost Mary OS5000 vape flavour.

The Blue Cotton Candy

The ultra-sweet blue raspberry cotton candy flavour of the Blue Cotton Candy Lost Mary vape is delivered with every puff. This candied blue razz Lost Mary OS5000 vape flavour is balanced off with a menthol ice flavour that comes on the exhale.

*WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Wrapping It Up

There are some fantastic ones here if you want sweet, frosty, fresh fruit flavours. Their tastes are icily cold in the majority of cases. (Menthol, Koolada, or Mint). The few individuals who were not icily may have profited from it.

A few of these have fantastic, sweet fruit tastes that are similar to the flavour of a Vaal Max (sub-ohm vape that hits like a truck). Due to the low and tight airflow, you can get a beautiful MTL puff from it, but there isn't sufficient airflow for a DTL puff.

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